1. Hondahonda

    All 650's When to replace chain help?

    Hi - dumb question. I feel like I should have the need to replace my chain & sprockets by now - I’ve done 45,000 kms but have used a chain oiler from day one. The sprocket teeth look ok at me (I think), attached is photo. The chain tension guide is still in the green. Any tips...
  2. caseybrent

    All 650Rs Help! Bike is Beeping and Honda doesnt know why.

    I recently purchased a 2021 Honda CB650R (Australia). Ive just completed 1000km on it and have taken in for first service. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the bike beeping randomly. Basically its a high pitch electronic beep that last for 2 - 3 seconds. Im riding normally when it happens and...
  3. A

    CB650F Help Needed

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if someone with a CB650FA 2017 could post a video clip of the engine idling after a ride, so it’s hot. But recorded around the right hand side near the cam chain tensioner and cam cover. I know about pair valve noise, but think the cam chain maybe a bit noisy...
  4. R085ter

    CBR650F Help please

    I have had a look at how difficult it is to remove pair valve today on my 2018 cbr 650f while doing that I unplugged the pair valve. I have since put it all back together double checking that all sensors etc are plugged back in. Now my engine management light is permanently on. Has anyone got...
  5. J


    Hi there, I am having issues starting my Honda CB650R 2019. To give some background to my predicament, I bought the bike used and it had previously sat for a month. It started up fine when I bought it, but the clutch plates needed to be replaced. I towed it home and it has sat in my garage for...
  6. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F I messed up.

    I've just fitted a tail tidy too my cbr650f and have somehow managed to knock all the dash off with the exception of the HISS light (which is flashing on and off). The rear turn signals worked fine for a minute or so but then there was the sound of a short circuit that clicks every time I...
  7. Satilla

    Friend needs help fixing his first bike

    Title says it all. He was riding and popped the gear lever off on a downshift. His bike is stuck in third gear. I’m thinking that he needs some sort of OEM replacement hardware for that bracket that the lever mounts to. But I’m also confused cause it doesn’t even look threaded. He just picked...
  8. JMCBR

    CBR650F Engine light problem

    Hi all; I think I'll probably need to get a mechanic to diagnose... but wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar or has any advice as the stealership wants over £100 just to diagnose. Here are the problems: Indicators stopped flashing and stayed solid at the beginning of last...
  9. S

    CBR650F Vibrations in seat

    Hey, I have a 2018 cbr650f with 200 miles on it and I was riding down the highway yesterday and anything above 70mph in 5th and 6th gear I had vibrations in the seat and handlebars. Its never done it before. Could I get some insight?
  10. Sudesh

    CBR650F Fender Eliminator & Integrated Tail Light Help

    So in Australia we have a law where the tail light turn signals must be at least 300mm apart therefore eliminating the clean integrated tail light method. However l still would love to have an intergrated tail light on my recently purchased CBR650F so l was curious as to whether anyone knows of...
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