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Media comments

  • CBR1_small.jpg
    Hey, not my bike. I just borrowed it from Honda for a couple of hours. The cowl and tape are part of the 'sports pack' which is an option from...
  • CBR1_small.jpg
    Hey, so EnglishbikerDan wondering if you could help a guy out. Where did you get that rear seat cowl cover? And i asked honda but red trim and...
  • RvMG21tSTTaK0bON9m5s2w.jpg
    Did you have the frame and back wheel painted?
  • My 2018 CB650F
    Yes it does! At least for me. I've read a lot on windscreens and the main thing is the specific rider. So, depending on your height and riding...
  • My 2018 CB650F
    i have the exact same model and year, it looks great, does the windscreen make a significant difference when cruising in the highway? i just got...