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The 650 bike Forum was started in 2017 by participants in another Forum that wanted a more robust user experience. Honda had produced the F series from 2014 to 2016, so we were unsure about long-term growth since there was a finite number of bikes sold worldwide. Honda re-introduced the F in 2018 after a hiatus from the 2017 model year, then re-engineered the platform and renamed it the R in 2019.

Sales of the R series have been robust, and we've had explosive growth in the membership numbers here in our Forum community. As a result, the number of posts and amount of participation has increased significantly.

The Forum staff has been working behind the scenes to implement tools to improve your ability to search for previously posted material as well as prevent duplicate posts which eventually make searches more difficult.

Most posts in the last few months have been given a PREFIX, which allows you to filter by bike type, as well TAGS, which are topical identifiers. Usage of the SEARCH function, PREFIXes and TAGS should greatly speed up your ability to find what you are looking for as well as participate in some already robust, ongoing discussions.

Credit to baugustine @baugustine for the excellent video!
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