1. C

    CBR650R Hello Everyone! Gauging Interest and an Introduction

    Hey Everyone, I go by Tugz, I am from Toronto and I have been riding for 1 year; coming from a Ninja 400 (pictured below). I am currently finalizing the purchase of my CBR650R and all the mods that i plan on doing to it. I have always had a silly passion for doing extreme and fun things and...
  2. Tpierce89

    CBR650F Just bought a CBR650F project

    Hello, I'm Trent from Alabama. Been riding since 1998 or so. Mostly dirt bikes. Had a Kawasaki Ninja 650F back in 2010 and put lots of miles on it. Eventually had to sell it due to needing the money. Recently bought a 2015 CBR650F project that I'm getting road worthy. Looking for several...
  3. Dankotaru

    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    Thought I'd make a place for people to easily share any recent activities they've enjoyed (or not) with their Honda 650. Most other owner forums have a similar thread, and now we have one too. It doesn't have to be a special accomplishment. In fact, the mundane aspects of enjoying your bike tend...
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