1. Calvindwwww

    CBR650R Brake Master Cyclinder upgrade, Suspension spring upgrade

    If anyone has done these upgrades i would love to know the brand and model you went for, my front brake pads need replacing and im thinking about getting it done along with upgraded braided lines and master cyclinder aswell. Been looking at the brembo rcs 15 or 17 as one of my mate runs them...
  2. djodjo02130

    CB650R Paint Code Fork Showa SSF

    Hi, Someone know what is paint code or name of paint for the Front Fork Showa SSF ( CB650R ) Thanks for your help !
  3. mickr

    CB650R Front Fork Spindle Bobbins,

    Looking at buying and fitting the Evotech Front Fork Spindle Bobbins, why are the torque specs contradicting. Evotech’s say 25Nm while the manual says 59Nm. why are the torque specs contradicting. Evotech’s say 25Nm while the manual says 59Nm.
  4. M

    CBR650F Forks

    All, Morning! ...took bike (2014) n2 Honda Dealer 4 16,000/mile service, and was told forks beginning 2 leak...any1 heard of this b4? ...I told him 2 go ahead & order parts/replacement(s) ...tks! M.L. Mosley
  5. Morriss

    Steering Damper for my ‘19 R650R

    So, the front on these bikes are very light and its beautiful! The showa forks do an amazing job but I really want to fit a damper to the steering just for safety. Does anyone know of one in the works or available? Ironically the issue is the HISS as its tank mounted now so I’m probably...
  6. rustyeyed

    All 650's OHLINS Suspensions (FSK-105/129; DIY Installation) - FRONT FORK

    Difficulty: Easy Tools Required: - Fork Oil - Silkolene 10W 2 litres (can use recommended Ohlins oil if you like) - Torque Wrench - Rachet - 8mm socket - 10mm socket - 12mm Socket - 14mm socket -17mm socket (OEM top cap) - 34mm scoket (or 32mm not sure, ohlins top cap) - 22mm socket (not sure...
  7. Brammers

    All 650's Redoing forks (ohlins kit)

    Going a bit OT here, I'll open another thread...
  8. R

    All 650's Suspension

    Has anyone adjusted their pre load on the rear shock? I think the front is not adjustable... I ride mostly with a passenger and wondering if I should make it stiffer. Do I really need to? Will it make it a less comfortable ride? Thanks for your help in advance.
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