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CB650R Front Fork Spindle Bobbins,


Jun 17, 2020
Looking at buying and fitting the Evotech Front Fork Spindle Bobbins, why are the torque specs contradicting. Evotech’s say 25Nm while the manual says 59Nm.3E1E38BD-AB31-45B7-A5D3-D1486BCEAAFE.jpeg1304E92D-016D-4DFC-BC66-DD8DBABA8B76.jpeg why are the torque specs contradicting. Evotech’s say 25Nm while the manual says 59Nm.


Jun 5, 2019
Tampa, Florida
Before you buy those things let me ask...what kind of front lift do you have?

I'd make the investment in a front lift with the triple tree attachment. Pit Bull stands make a model that is detachable/attachable where you can have the fork lift or the triple tree lift. Comes in handy for wheel/tire changes and brake pad replacement, and especially fork maintenance.
I purchased one of these set up from when I changed out the front tire on my Versys and, because I used just a fork lift, I really struggled getting the axle through because the forks had shifted. Using the triple tree stand makes it possible to do many things.



Mar 17, 2018
It's NOT used to lift your bike, it's for slide protection.

The 25Nm is used to secure the Allen head screw. Why do you need to touch the front axle bolt anyway? it goes through the axle and axle nut as they are both hollow. I have a similar thing on my CBR650F, never had to touch the axle nut when installing


This is example how they fit.

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