1. M

    What the heck is thing under my seat ?

  2. G

    All 650's Corbin Seat?

    Does anyone have a Corbin seat? Thinking it might solve some blood flow issues when riding longer. I searched but only seems one person has the Corbin and they got it second hand.
  3. Dork Knight

    All 650Rs Bagster CB650R Compatibility 2019 to 2021

    Hello, I would like to replace the stock seat with an alternative and Bagster seems to be the most viable option while retaining the stock seat, with that being said the majority of sites I've found say that they are only compatible with CB650R 2019 to 2020 models whereas I have the 2021 model...
  4. J

    CB650R I can't find the USB-C under the seat of my brand new CB650R 2021!?

    Just received my cb650r 2021 abs today and I can't seem to find where is the STANDART usb-c under the seat. Looked for a few minutes now and I don't see any connector or usb. Is it a option or just missing on my bike, maybe I'm just blind? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  5. Agenthunt996

    All 650Rs Rear seat cowl

    Been looking for a rear seat cowl on my bike and I’m not the hugest fan of the oem one. I found this one but it won’t ship to the US does anybody know where else I could find one of these?
  6. E

    2021 CB650R Aftermarket Seat Cowl?!

    Hi All, I have ordered a 2021 MY CB650 R (Red) and really want to buy a red seat cowl for it. There have been a couple tweaks for the 21MY but wondering if anyone knows if the 2019/2020 aftermarket options will still fit? If not, i think i will take the risk, ill be sure to put some photos...
  7. R

    All 650Fs Custom made low spec seat

    Hello all, I have lowered the suspension on my bike bust I am still not 100% happy with the seat height. Would you know any after-mark replacement seat with low spec available in the market? Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Many thanks...
  8. R

    All 650Fs Seat height/ Suspension height

    Hi all, would you know whether I can adjust the seat Hight or lower the suspension. I really like the bike but I am a short ass and I was hoping to lower the suspension or customise the bike. I am 5' 4" 1.63 cm. Many thanks, Marcos.
  9. Patent

    All 650Rs Under seat wiring layout

    I'm attempting to install the accessory socket on my CB650R but I'm not convinced the previous owner hasn't shunted the wiring around as it seems to be a mess. Has anyone got any photos of how it's meant to look? Heres mine below. I think the cable with the blue arrow is in the wrong place? It...
  10. bfoster80

    Luggage Is this bad for the seat?

    I just put this bag on and kinda wondering if my seat will have permanent intentions from the bungee cords. What are your thoughts?
  11. zirgs

    Child Carseat on CBR650F

    Okay so this definitely falls into the category of "bullshit", but I hope some of you find this video funny. 🤣
  12. Ludvig Svensson

    All 650's Stuck Seat issue CBR650F -15

    Hi! I have a problem with my seat been stuck. Just to make sure my technique wasn't the problem, I went to a Honda store and removed the seat on the same model but different bike, no problem. I've tried: removing it the right way but with all my strengths while a friend is unlocking with the...
  13. RAFHonda

    Completed Wild Ass or Airhawk Pillion seat

    Hey all, I'm looking for either a Wild Ass or Airhawk pillion seat, ideally around London but can pay postage! Cheers
  14. MrFritz86

    CB650R Bagster Seat for CB/CBR 650 R

    First impressions of the seat did 1 hour ride today to test it out, and I would say it needs a bit of time to break in bc I felt a little bit of pressure on my butt cheeks, but it didn’t get annoying (not sure if today it’s one of those days that I feel better on the bike, it shouldn’t since...
  15. D

    Completed CB650R Seat

    Hey im buying a seat (damage or not, only need the "chassi/mounts"), anyone have one for sale? Know where can i get one that dont cost same as gold?
  16. Wisebiker22

    CB650R Pillion Seat Stitching Colour

    Picked up an ex-demo CB650R from Honda Dealership, with OEM seat cowl installed on bike. Dealer gave me the original pillion seat - but the stitching is red, and does not match the white/grey stitching on the main seat. I haven't seen any CB650Rs with the red stitching, just wondering whether...
  17. N

    All 650's Comfy seat options

    Hi I have now done 700 miles in my CBR650R and whilst I love it, I’m finding I can only go about 50 miles before my backside starts to hurt And the seat is uncomfortable. Someone told me that Im sitting too upright and should be leaning more forward - which would take the pressure off the seat...
  18. Danny Linguini

    CB650R Is there a trick to removing the CB650R rear seat?

    Just picked mine up this afternoon, and the sales guy and I could not budge the rear seat. Turned the key and the rear of the seat could be lifted Enough to see the owners manual strapped under there, but it would not separate from the front. Tried pulling up, back, up and back, wouldn’t move...
  19. budasaurus

    CB650R Honda OEM Rear Seat Cowl

    Not a very exciting part or an install thread but I wanted to share some pictures of what the bike looks like with the Honda OEM Rear Seat Cowl. I purchased the part through Partzilla using the product number: 08F72-MKN-D50 Ignore the messy garage... It will be cleaned when I finish running the...
  20. R

    All 650Rs New Seat

    After putting up with the gel pad on the pillion seat to give the missus more leg room, we are now expecting the new repadded/resculptured seat to arrive soon and the photos from the guy who did it looks really good so once they are back will give a report !
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