1. Ern818

    Buying CB650R / 650F / 300R OEM mirrors

    looking for nice, original mirrors to replace mz scratched ones. Parts numbers are 88210-MJE-D40 (right) and 88220-MJE-D40 (left)
  2. Bootman

    Fit TARMAC "Speed Racer" black mirrors to CB650R

    Hi to all Is it easy to remove the handle bar end weights prior to installing the TARMAC "Speed Racer" black mirrors to CB650R ?? I have seen videos where they are using vice grips to assist in untightening the phillips head screw at the end. And also using flat tip screwdrivers to "lever out"...
  3. N

    All 650's Bar end mirrors

    Hi! Im thinking about putting some bar end mirrors on my 2018 650F as i think these type of bikes looks good with them. Does anyone here have any experience putting bar end mirrors on this bike? And what type of mirrors fit well/looks good? Any reccomendations are appreciated! :)
  4. S

    All 650Fs can I use mirror from cbr1000rr to cbr650f?

    mirror with turn signal from cbr1000rr looks much better, can I get it installed to my cbr650f...
  5. R

    CBR650R LED MIRRORS - 2019

    Hello :) I would like to change my mirrors of my cbr. I bought Barracuda D VERSION race, but LED are flickering when i turn the engine ON (OFF everything is fine...) I tried added resistors, also same effect ... For a testing purpose, i have conntected directly the mirror to the read turn...
  6. Sudesh

    CBR650R 1krr Mirrors on CBR650R

    So I need some help. Ive been begging for the CBR1000RR mirrors on my 650R but unable to figure out how to do it. I understand some people managed to get it on the F and l heard someone does have it on the R but personally not entirely sure how to do it. I'm kinda leaning towards doing an...
  7. J

    CB650R Bar end mirrors

    I've swapped out my bar end sliders and the internal connector and have installed bar end mirrors which in my opinion suits this bike perfectly, my problem is vibration in my right hand being quite bad, has anyone got any suggestions how to counteract this whilst still allowing me to keep these...
  8. darby_07

    CB650R Bar End Mirrors

    Hello all -- first post here! Picked up a 2019 CB650R about a month ago and am loving the bike. Got rid of the shovel rear fender and installed the R&G Tail Tidy (excellent fit) and want to swap my mirrors next. Looking to see how anyone has installed bar end mirrors without removing the...
  9. Redshift.7

    CBR650F Ebay CBR650f LED mirrors

    I had been searching for a while to find a set of turn signal mirrors for my bike. I found these will searching around eBay and the bolt size, spacing and the mirrors mounting angle all checked out. I received and fitted the mirrors and a signal relay today (relay is under the gas tank, a total...
  10. Jonathan

    CB650F Mirrors

    I find that I can see just about enough on the offside but nearside is virtually redundant. I have considered bar end mirrors but there don't seem to be any that are actually designed for the bike and don't require removal of the anti-vibration tubes. So I considered mirror extenders...
  11. MrSufocate

    All 650's Ebay/Amazon Bar End Mirrors

    I dont know if anyone else has bought the cheapo ebay/amazon bar end mirrors but i have found that they make my rips feel extremely short. That being said when positioned right i think they make the bike look alot nicer than the silly standard bunny ear mirrors. They also function very well...
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