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    Buying Bar ends

    And cheap. Much less hassle to just order this way. I also had one vibrate loose at one time. Pulled into the garage after a ride and it was just gone 🤷‍♂️
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    CBR650R 650R vs Ninja 650

    Wow! Entire engine swaps!
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    All 650Rs Custom Clutch Lever Design

    Very cool. Why only clutch? Did you base the adjustment mechanism off the ASV C5 levers?
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    CB650R Can the revs in 6th gear be tamed

    A sprocket (+ chain if needed) change is pretty cheap and DIYable though. No harm in trying it 🤷‍♂️ And easy to go back if you don't like the result.
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    Maybe Selling my CB650R 21 with full acropovic exhaust - Surrey UK

    @NEOGUY - Please edit the topic & update thread fields appropriately now that I've moved the topic to the correct area.
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    Resolved/Implemented !!!! ADMINS, PLEASE ASSIST !!!!

    @FogDucker - do you want me to merge the @samk account INTO the @FogDucker account? Delete the @samk account? Do nothing, just leave it?
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    Resolved/Implemented !!!! ADMINS, PLEASE ASSIST !!!!

    Well... That was surprisingly quick. Appeal was approved & all should be good now.
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    Resolved/Implemented !!!! ADMINS, PLEASE ASSIST !!!!

    @samk - looks like Facebook disabled this sites "app" (what they call it), requiring me to provide them a "test account" for them to test, well, logging in via Facebook. I've generated a test account & sent them the details along with an appeal to re-enable the site. In the meantime, I believe...
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    Resolved/Implemented !!!! ADMINS, PLEASE ASSIST !!!!

    Yikes. Will check asap tonight!
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    Yamaha R7

    Done 😁
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    All 650Fs Custom exhaust

    Sounds great!
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    All 650's CB650F with akrapovic

    Ever heard the phrase "give it the beans"? 😁
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    All 650's So.. my bike fell over while I was on vacation..

    I wouldn't worry until you get a decent run & temps up (as mentioned). If you aren't always looking at your oil, it can be surprising how cloudy it can look sometimes.
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    CBR650F Oil. Oil everywhere.

    I've lost count of the issues I've heard about from K&N oil filters from just about every make/model bike under the sun.
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