1. D

    CBR650F New Member - Los Angeles

    Hello, recently bought a 2016 CBR650F and love it. Definitely an upgrade over my first bike (CBR500). Looking forward to reading/discussing topics on this forum. Here’s a recent photo of my bike after a ride in Malibu. -Dimitri
  2. D

    CBR650F New Guy Intro

    Hello everyone New member in California. I have a 2014 CBR650F black. Working on getting it road worthy. Enjoyed reading posts on this site for awhile. Ride safe.
  3. C

    Selling Kriega US-10 Drypack tailbag (USA) I bought this bag but I find that I am preferring my backpack. I paid about $120 after tax and s/h. The bag is like new, including the original box and a full extra set of mounting straps, so you can set it up on multiple bikes. I have 8 straps and 7 buckles total, only...
  4. Nigelrodger

    CB650R Howdy!

    Hello Honda riders! Im Nigel. Just picked up a 2019 CB650R with 600 miles on it. I also have a 2014 honda valkyrie. While the Valkyrie is a great bike(keeper)! I wanted a middle weight as I live in the foothills of the rockys. Can't wait to learn the ways of this lovely machine! And also...
  5. R

    CB650F leftover 2018 cb650f

    I bought a new leftover 2018 cb650f non abs a week ago. It rained and snowed here in Groveland Massachusetts. Today was in the70s. i took the bike out for 34 miles. It felt good to be back on 2 wheels after a few decade. once i break it in I will give some feedback.
  6. sdmichael

    Black CBR650F in San Diego?

    I saw a black CBR650F in the North Park area of San Diego today parked on a residential street. Anyone from here? Bike looked in decent shape and was all black, not a shiny black though.
  7. JH09

    CB650R hello from seattle

    hello everyone, i have been lurking around here for a couple months, but have not properly introduced myself. proud second owner of 2019 CB650RA. my first bike. been wanting a moto since i was a teen, now i have my corona-cycle. put over 1000mi in the 2 months i have had it, loving every minute...
  8. LB2020

    CB650R Greetings! Noob from AZ

    New to riding and picked up the CB650R as my first bike. Was deciding between this and an MT-07....Decided to spend the extra coin and go for the Honda in red. It's just hard to say no to such a beautiful piece of machinery:)! Look forward to learning more about it in this forum.
  9. A

    CBR650R Cincinnati - New owner

    Hi All, Been lurking for a while, but thought I would officially post an intro. I just picked up a new overstock 2019 CBR650R a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. I will admit that this forum played a bit of hand at helping my decision as I was on the fence between a couple of bikes, but...
  10. bfoster80

    CB650F New CB650F Owner in North Louisiana

    Just picked this up last night. 2018 with only 800 miles!
  11. Brammers

    USA 650f wiring diagram 2019-06-03

    Here's the USA 650f wiring diagram, the photos overlap so you should be able to figure things out.
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