1. olifran

    All 650's Bikerzbits

    Anyone used this company before Bikerzbits? What's the delivery like to the UK? TIA.
  2. Brammers

    Selling (UK) Valve clearance parts (Washer/Gaskets/Shims)

    Due to an ordering mix-up early on during Covid lockdown I've got some spare parts left over from doing my valve clearances. These are all genuine Honda OEM parts, still sealed in their bags. All prices mentioned are correct as of today from Fowlers UK website. I have 4 off 12395-MBW-003...
  3. sanChezzer

    CB650R Rounded Screw - Replacement Needed

    Hey everyone, So unfortunately, while working on popping on the OEM smoke visor, I accidentally rounded out a screw that for some reason is extremely tight. Before I end up extracting it, I need to find the replacement for it. Can anyone help me with the correct screw please?
  4. sanChezzer

    Any recommendations for 2021 CB650R adjustable clutch levers?

    Hi everyone, Currently in the market for an adjustable clutch lever that properly fit the 2021 model. Looks like there might have been a slight adjustment this year. I tried an ASV lever that said it was supposed to fit, but didn't sit flush with the perch. Contacted them and they weren't aware...
  5. J

    CBR650F What’s this piece called? 🤣

    I’ve tried the search bar but I haven’t had any luck. I can find the name of this piece so that I can find out where to get it from. I’ll delete the thread as soon as I find the piece so I don’t clog the forum, Thanks!
  6. J

    Quick parts question

    Would parts for an 18’ fit on a 14’ cbr650f?
  7. D

    CB650R oil pan screws

    Hi guys and gals, Looking at this schematic, I see that the oil pan bolts for CB650 bikes (90010-MGZ-J00) are of type M6x28 NSHF (non serrated hex flange). Does anyone of you know if these bolts have to be 28 mm in length? Or will DIN 6921 M6 x 30 fit as well? Dries
  8. D

    Need a replacement bolt for gauge bracket

    Hi all, trying to install a wind fairing, I stripped the hex bolt for the bracket that holds the gauge backing. I went to a hardware store to find a suitable quick-fix replacement and didn't find anything that matches so I think I'll need to order a replacement. Can anyone tell me what bolt I...
  9. J

    CB650F Your favourite Mod!

    Hi all, Had my CB650f for a bout 3 weeks now and love it! However, I also love a mod. ive installed Leds all round and flasher relay. tail tidy. Radiator guard. Crash bobbins. im waiting on delivery of a carbon rear hugger and chain guard and got my eye out for lots more carbon bits. Exhaust...
  10. V

    All 650's Cb650r /f parts interchangeability

    Does the cb650f have the same engine parts with cb650r? Because im about to buy a cb650f here in the Philippines where you dont see this model that often.. And im worried that if i bought this bike i will have a hard time looking for engine parts and accesories..
  11. quigonquinn

    All 650's Remarkable 101

    Got this site as an IG ad. Anyone ever used them? Some good prices on there, so I'm weary
  12. M

    CB650F Parts/assembly needed CB650F 2017

    had a bad skid, damaged fork, whole headlight/module and radiator, any recommended online store where I can get this?
  13. D

    CB650R CB650R chrome effect handlebar capscrew covers

    I bought my CB650R in March and 2 of the chrome effect capscrew covers on the handlebar clamps were missing. I've ask the dealer numerous times to get me them but I've now given up as they are just fogging me off. Shame on them. Could someone post a link where I could buy a couple of these...
  14. kieranrobo

    CBR650F Where can I get a replacement radiator?

    So I recently dropped my bike and damaged the radiator filler neck quick badly. The cap no longer works properly, in that its jammed on and when pressure builds the inner seal doesn't 'rise'. Where can I find a used replacement radiator for the CBR650F, that won't cost me an arm an a leg? There...
  15. E

    All 650's is part exchange worth it

    Is it worth part exchanging a 2018 cb650f for a 2019 cb650r ? Don't know how much to swap but the cb650f has done 15,000 miles and the cb650r 5,000 miles. What does anybody think?
  16. Sioul HKT

    Expired CB/CBR Carbon Parts

    Hi all, As per many request, I will take orders and shipping for Carbon Parts. Check All the parts here : Carbon Parts Album Here in Thailand, we have a LOT of carbon parts for a very good price and for all of you outside Thailand i can help you to get those parts safely. There is different...
  17. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F What's reasonable.

    How much, minimum, should I be looking to pay for a tail tidy and radiator cover for a cbr650f abs? How much would these cost roughly each? The prices I'm finding differ wildly and I'm just trying to get a ball park number.
  18. CB650R

    CB650R Arrow Pro-race Exhaust System

    Stupid question. So I'm very clueless in anything about tuning but I'm looking into buying the Arrow pro-race full exhaust system for my CB650R. When I contacted Arrow to ask if I need to re-map the ECU after installing the exhaust, they said that it is "suggested" to re-map or to install a...
  19. Austin G

    Passenger Footrest???

    I bought my bike used a year ago and it didn't come with the passenger footrests. Anyone know where I can acquire them used but not in garbage condition? I know that buying new from honda will easily be $200+
  20. Victoria

    CBR650F Attempting some diy

    I have a 2016 cbr650f, I've had it almost two years now and have barely ridden it since I had another motorcycle. anyway, I wrecked that one so I decided to make some changes to this one while I'm recovering from the accident. 1. I'm doing a vinyl wrap, more like a cutout than a full wrap...
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