1. Firewings50

    Best dashcam for helmet ?

    Hello ! I'm looking for recommendations about a dashcam that can be mounted directly on the helmet (no chinstrap though). I currently own a Drift ghost X since 3-4 years, but it's stating to freeze while recording. I need to reset it quite frequently and it's starting to annoy me. I'm trying...
  2. Zen

    Gear Any experience with Scorpion EXO 1400 Carbon helmet?

    Hi folks Currently, I'm with an ICON bought for the looks in all honestly, but we don't really get along. Looking for something a bit smaller and lighter. Had my eyes on the EXO 1400, I checked it once in a shop, but it felt way too lightweight not in a good way and was making all sorts of...
  3. Procrastomorrow

    Gear Helmet skirts/wind noise

    Hey, I have a shoei gt2 air and I love it. Best helmet ever. I installed the sena comms pack and it's also great for my use. (Music, occasional phone conference call......). I have noticed some extra wind noise and when I put my hand under my helmet by my neck it goes away completely. I've seen...
  4. soriku

    All 650's Arai helmet drop from handlebar

    Hi guys, Yes… my first motorcycle fell :( while I was stopped in the garage. Had to happened right… The CB650R is fine, a minor scratch on the exhaust, 99% of the drop was covered by evotech protection. My helmet dropped and when I was trying to catch it the motorcycle fell as well. The...
  5. Karbyn_Blak

    Shark D-Skwal 2 Helmet - Entry Level Priced, Mid-Tier Quality

    Having seen a lot more Shark helmets out in the world recently - and with a lot of designs and features that appeal to me - I decided to take a leap and buy one. The fact that I had money back guarantee and free return, I figured why not. I landed on the Shark Skwal 2; an intermediate full-face...
  6. baugustine

    Gear What’s Your Favorite Gear (and Why?)

    My wife and I went on a ride this morning, and we looked at the weather forecast prior to decide what gear we should employ for the journey. This time of year in SoCal we get big temperature swings due to hot desert air blowing out to sea and we needed to be prepared to quickly shed layers. As...
  7. J

    Luggage CB650R 2021 Full face Helmet Tail Luggage?

    Hi guys, I've been looking around for a week now and I can't seem to find any information about this. Is there any Luggage that goes on the tail of the bike that will fit a Full Face Helmet? Thanks in advance.
  8. FogDucker

    Accessories What Type/Brand of headphones do you use under helmet?

    Happy belated new years folks, Hope you are all safe and sound. I am actively looking for a sport headphone that can stick to my ear under my helmet. Just wondering what kind/type/brand you folks are using? I am not a fan of intercom speakers tho. Cheers
  9. quigonquinn

    Gear Shoei GT AIr II visor lock problem

    So, I've developed a strange issue. For some reason, pushing down on the visor to lock it into place, isn't working easily. The visor moves up and down seamlessly, until the very last bit, where it pops into the lock on the left of the chin bar, to make a tight seal. I can close it by pushing...
  10. quigonquinn

    Gear Spare Shoei Ratchet

    Has any one seen a place to get a spare Shoei ratchet chin strap. My Google search only turns up the strap cover or ratchet cover. I'm looking for the mechanism itself
  11. Gpartida

    Gear No helmet locks on CB650R?

    Hello all, I just joined the CB650R family by picking up a 2020 model at my local dealer this weekend and I have been grinning ever since I rode it off the lot. One thing that has surprised me a bit is that there doesn't seem to be any way to lock my helmet's D-ring under the pillion seat when...
  12. iTom76

    Gear Great way to affix a GoPro mount to a helmet

    I did this video not long ago. Figured I would share it here in case it helps anyone. I will be doing more videos in the future and representing the 650 community out there. Thanks for watching.
  13. HawkeyeCBR

    Gear Helmet Fit question (RPHA 11)

    As some of you may know, I had a mishap awhile back and... long story short, someone else’s insurance is covering some new gear for me. After reading through the helmet page and seeing so many RPHA 11 comments I decided I’d look into getting one myself, as a new bucket is on the list of things...
  14. JJ_Trainor

    CBR650F First bike ever! Recommendations/help? :)

    Hey hey, Sooo, I JUST got my first motorized toy ever :) 2018 CBR 650F with 1500km and I'm incredibly excited. I've been trying to talk to lots of people in person about pros and cons of all sorts of things but there really is A LOT of different opinions and of course different bikes and ages...
  15. GPJake

    Gear What helmet(s) do you wear?

    What helmet(s) do you wear? What are your thoughts? I currently wear an AGV Horizon. Much better than my old Icon. Better airflow when needed. The chin curtain makes a decent difference in keeping air out. And I'll never buy another helmet without a retractable sun visor. LOVE it.
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