1. C

    CBR650F 2014 Front headlight conversion to 2018

    Hi all, I have a 2014 Honda Cbr650f, I want to do the 2018 front headlight conversion. I've got the headlight with the frame. With the 2018 Front headlight wiring is it universal with the 2014 main wiring harness? (Plug & Play) Cheers Cam.
  2. R

    CBR650R Installing USB near front headlight CBR 650r?

    Hey, recently watched a YouTube video about installing a USB charger under the seat. There was a comment that mentioned something about utilizing the "socket hiding behind the headlight" to install the USB charger. I'm currently trying to see what this commenter is talking about. Have any of you...
  3. S

    CBR650R CBR650R New Aftermarket Headlight

    Just found this headlight assembly, the only aftermarket one so far for 650R's. Looks pretty cool. https://www.ktmoto.com/fit-for-honda-cbr650r-2021-2023-full-led-headlight-assembly-cbr650ra/ Can't find any reviews or videos about it though. Has anyone tried this one out? Would like to know if...
  4. PengPengTOT

    CBR650R 2022 CBR650R Headlight height adjustment

    Apparently im not able to read manuals anymore. Can anybody tell me how to, or tell me on which page in the owners manuel it is, to lower the headlight on the '22 CBR650R, so that im not blinding oncoming traffic anymore? For the love of god i am not able to find it in the manual or in the...
  5. J

    CBR650F 2015 headlight surround

    Hello, recently bought a 2015 CBR650F and noticed the CBR650F facelift has a black cover around the headlight. I’ve attached a photo of my 2015 bike and the facelift with the surround. Has anyone put this part onto a pre-face lift CBR650F? Cheers!
  6. L

    Help with headlight issue CB650f 2014

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve recently noticed an issue . When I start the bike up the high beam warning light is on but bulb not on . As I drive off the light goes off and appears to work again as Normal. I’m hoping it’s not an expensive job to rectify. Does anyone have any advice ...
  7. doodlebug

    Headlight swap

    Has anyone put the the headlight fork the 650 r on the 650f? Looking at doing the swap but want to know if it's possible.
  8. R

    CBR650F Aftermarket headlight

    I have a 2016 cbr650f and need to replace the headlight housing. Unfortunately mounts broke on the housing and the stock headlight sucks anyway! Does anyone know of a decent LED replacement or a cheaper housing replacement? Can’t seem to find anything except the $250 Ali express replacement. Not...
  9. H

    CB650R Headlight plug in boot

    Good evening all. I have a 2021 cb650 and I undid the headlight and now I’m questioning how the boot goes on. If it covers the little grey tabs or does it just sit over the plug in itself. Anyone who could snap a quick photo of that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. SV

    All 650Rs Is it possible to change the Cb 650r headlight with the Cb 500f headlight ? or find similar headlight that fit?

    Thanks forward for the help and appreciate your suggestions.
  11. S

    CB650F Headlight housing gap right hand side

    Ok just putting this out there. Does anyone know why the little grills either side of the cb650f 2018 ? Probably just design but I noticed today the one on the right had a gap in it, but what for?
  12. ClassicGhostie

    CB650F Headlight Woes - Dead Light

    Hi, I have a 2016 CB650F (5000 miles). Very recently I’ve had an issue with my headlight, where it would appear that the bulb had blown (running LEDs are OK). It started at random where I turned on the ignition and the headlight wouldn’t turn on, yet the high beam light stuck on no matter how...
  13. Luke8188

    Headlight switch

    Hi does anyone know if you can fit the 17 or 18 model light from the cbr650f onto the earlier version? Mines a 16 model if that makes a difference. Cheers
  14. Bill_650R

    CB650R 2021 CB650R from Greece

    Hello friends! I recently joined the forum as a new owner of a 04/2021 Candy Cromosphere Red CB650R, my 6th bike over the last 11 years. After a 3-year pause on riding (mostly caused by dress code on work) I bought a 2019 SV650, as a huge fan of naked bikes. BUT my daily commute included many...
  15. C

    headlight replacments

    would anyone recommend fitting NOVSIGHT H4 LED Bulb 30W 6000LM Replacement HID Hi/Low Beam Motorcycle Headlight
  16. Fluffy89

    CBR650F Wiring projector headlights to high beam switch

    Hello! So my projector came in today and I'm trying to make sense of where the plug on it (picture attached, it's the red and black on near the top), and have no idea where it should either plug into, or where I would cut the wires off of said plug and wire it into somewhere else. Is there any...
  17. Fluffy89

    All 650Fs H4 headlight mount for headlight assembly

    Bike in question is my 2014 Honda CBR650F. I'm not sure if I'm missing a part or not, but I changed the Xenon bulb that was in the bike (from previous owner) and changed it to an LED bulb. LED light works and all is well. However, from any video I can find about installing a H4 headlight, they...
  18. Fluffy89

    High beams do not turn on but light on dash does

    Hi! So I'm new to bikes and ride a 2014 Honda CBR650F. I've been riding for a couple months, ended up working a late shift and figured out my high beams didn't want to turn on. When I flip the switch to turn them on, the high beam light on the dash lights up blue as expected, but the high beams...
  19. Y

    CB650F Add-on LED headlights to 2018 CB650F

    Just finish add-on LED headlights to my motorcycle, so much better riding at night now. Yellow is low beam White is high beam Pull the fuse of stock headlights
  20. J

    Best LED headlight upgrade for the money?

    So I'm new to these bikes, just picked up a 2016 650f a few days ago, and the first thing I'm looking to upgrade is the crappy halogen dual beam headlight. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about upgrading this for less than, I donno a hundred bucks or so? I can't stand halogens but...
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