1. kolargol

    Gear Winter equipment

    I think everything is in the title ;) I am planing on using the bike ( CBR 650 R ) this winter to go to work one or two times a week when there is no rain or snow. We are talking about the most boring trip possible : 5 klm Small City <--> 80klm Highway ( with a mount at 800m ) <--> 5klm Big...
  2. D

    Austin TX summers

    Anyone else finally relieved we can start wearing gear without the risk of passing out from heat exhaustion? This summer was brutal, I've ridden more times in a t-shirt this summer than I'd like to admit, but not dying from heat stroke is a calculated risk one must take with a 75+ dew point at...
  3. baugustine

    Gear Airbag Vests

    I was encouraged to do a quick write-up of the A-Stars Tech Air 5 airbag vest I just bought. I have been considering one for about a year, since I do a lot of commuting through LA in traffic. This article pushed me over the cliff...
  4. J

    Preparing for winter!

    Hi all, I’m a new rider (past my test about a month ago. Yay!) and plan to ride all year round in the UK. I thought passing my test mid summer would give me a chance to get grips with riding on motorways (m25,m23,m3) before chucking in the wether variants but this august has been wet! I’ve been...
  5. L

    Selling Job Lot of CBR650F Black Parts

    See photos. Full photo list here https:// imgur. com/a/f8Z3yfk Includes: - Various panels - Smoked screen - Original screen - Clutch/Gearbox covers - Indicators, lights - R&G crash protectors - Levers, pegs - Spada tank luggage Etc All used, some like new, some with scratches or crash...
  6. E

    Gear Clothing sizes

    I have that trouble as well ! Has anybody noticed how jacket sizes vary so wildly, I have some jackets up to 5xl in order to fit. but an AGV Sport Hawk textile jacket only 2xl with plenty of room ?!
  7. MrFritz86

    Luggage SW Motech US

    For all US folks
  8. emkay

    CBR650R False neutral/3rd Gear/down shift while standing

    Hi everyone, I’m now riding my CBR650R for 2 Months with about 2600ish Km. I noticed that i have issues shifting down when having clutch pulled. So basicly i hit some kind of false neutral i guess. But my Gear-indicator on screen does not show any Gear, it just says: (--), anyone of you also...
  9. miweber929

    Gear What gear are you currently using?

    @Devilsfan reviewed a new Joe Rocket jacket he just bought which made me think of a starting a thread specifically regarding what gear you’re currently using, what works, what doesn’t and the whys. I think it may help people discover new brands, new styles and it helps to share with everyone...
  10. GPJake

    Gear What helmet(s) do you wear?

    What helmet(s) do you wear? What are your thoughts? I currently wear an AGV Horizon. Much better than my old Icon. Better airflow when needed. The chin curtain makes a decent difference in keeping air out. And I'll never buy another helmet without a retractable sun visor. LOVE it.
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