1. Ahn

    All 650's I had a MIL(malfunction indicate lamp) on the clock twice and please advice.

    Hi guys I had a MIL on the clock twice after receive 2021 CBR650R. Plese see below discription and i am so thanksful if someone who had similar experience reply any advices. - I received brand new 2021 CBR650R In the early August and installed full system after market exhaust and convenience...
  2. R085ter

    CBR650F Solid orange check engine light

    Hi guy's I have a 2018 CBR 650F with 8,000 on the clock. my problem started yesterday evening went to start the bike to go home from work and it stuttered slightly almost like a low battery but it did start, But the check engine light was now on ? I rode home gently and felt no faults lack of...
  3. David 47

    CB650R engine light

    Had the engine light come on this morning not flashing just on any ideas 2020 Cb650r
  4. David 47

    All 650Rs Whats better

    Is it better to go with a power commander or a ECU flash on a cb650r
  5. Battlebarf

    CBR650F Check Engine Light Will Not Reset

    Long story short: I have a 2018 CBR650F with about 2000 miles on it. I have installed Power Commander V on it as well as replaced the stock air filter with a K&N performance filter. Ive also replaced the tail light, headlight and speedometer doing all of the wiring myself. The speedometer is a...
  6. R085ter

    CBR650F Help please

    I have had a look at how difficult it is to remove pair valve today on my 2018 cbr 650f while doing that I unplugged the pair valve. I have since put it all back together double checking that all sensors etc are plugged back in. Now my engine management light is permanently on. Has anyone got...
  7. Agenthunt996

    CB650R CB650R with clip ons

    Took absolutely forever to piece everything together, but I finally got my bike build completed for spring. Adding the clip ons was the biggest hurdle because the brake line, clutch line, and throttle cables were all too long and needed quite a bit of adjustment to make them work. That being...
  8. BDonohoe

    CBR650R CBR650R Check Engine Light

    hi guys, first time post here so any advice or help is welcome. I have a 2020 CBR650R with just 400 miles on it. I parked it up in shed just before xmas on stands and covered. I started it over the weekend and the Engine light just stayed on, no flashes just steady on. I checked the battery and...
  9. R

    Removing Restrictor on 2015 CBR650F

    Hi All, Recently purchased a CBR650f which is restricted for A2 Licence here in Ireland (Previous Owner only had A2 Licence) The previous owner supplied the replacement ECU and Air Intake parts to remove the Restriction. Does anyone have any guides on how to replace both ECU & Intake Nozzles...
  10. skeletor

    HealTech OBD Tool - quick overview

    For reference, you can see this discussion about the Honda tool from @baugustine This is HealTech's Honda specific tool for motorcycles and marine engines. There is also one for Suzuki and Kawasaki...
  11. RAFHonda

    All 650Rs The legend of the ECU reset. Is it true?

    Evening all. Having passed my full A licence, I am looking into derestricting my 2019 CB650R. Very kindly, the dealership gave me the stock/unrestricted air funnels/trumpets/snorkels when I took delivery of the bike and so I can fit those easily enough. However, the other half of the...
  12. squid

    CB650R CB650R LAMs De-restrict - Swapping ECU

    Hi all, I've seen alot of posts talking about retuning and replacing the restrict air intakes on cb650r to de-restrict it. I was wondering if anyone had tried to replace the PGM-FI UNIT with the part from the US unrestricted version of the bike. I've noticed that their part numbers are...
  13. Danielegenovesi76

    CB650F ECU remap

    hi guys quick question i hope i didnt put wrong thread but I purchase cs racing system and they told me after install full exhaust you dont need to remap ECU which there is a store where I live they do remap on ECU but for the hondacb650f they told me they can't so I would like know if install...
  14. baugustine

    Honda MCI/MCS scan tool information

    I was fortunate to call in a favor and get access to Honda dealer scan tool (MCI/MCS) and get some screen shots to document what is actually available for troubleshooting purposes. There are several aftermarket scan tools that can access the ECM, you can compare its coverage/capabilities with...
  15. Minn Htet Minn

    CB650F HELP!!!!

    Hi guys 🤗 I'am new here. Plz tell me guys 😞😞😞 What is VS sensor and My bike engine check light is on Cuz of that sensor And Can u guys tell me more details about that sensor.
  16. RAFHonda

    All 650Rs A2 Derestriction for CB650R/CBR650R

    Hey all, I've got a 2019 CB650R with the A2 restriction. However, in a couple of months I plan to complete my full Category A licence allowing me to remove the restriction completely! Does anyone have any experience with derestricting this model? I've done some research and can see that the bike...
  17. 2

    CB650R cb650r ecu

    does anyone know if you can get the ecu flash on the 650r to take away any lams restrictions
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