1. djreastman

    Other Bikes Ducati Monster newbie from Scotland

    Hi folks, I may be a bit premature here, haven't actually switched to the 650 yet but think I'm about to do so. Anyone else come from a Ducati Monster 796 (or similar)? I had the CB500F and an XR125 before that but wanted a bit more power and the Monster looks and sounds amazing. I didn't think...
  2. MrFritz86

    New 2021 Ducati Monster

    They definitely made a new hooligans bike It’s a design mix of Duke, CB, Trident But obviously the engine still Ducati
  3. Jerry

    I bought a Ducati Panigale V4R

    Some assembly required..... :)
  4. emudshit

    CBR650R CBR or Panigale ??

    Heard alot of reviewers saying honda copied the look of the Panigale and i didnt see it until today, so I used photo shop to cover the top of each front light and man oh man do i see it now lol, might wrap the top of each headlight tomorrow as looks a lot cleaner, anyway here is a normal and...
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