1. olifran

    All 650's Bikerzbits

    Anyone used this company before Bikerzbits? What's the delivery like to the UK? TIA.
  2. LB2020

    All 650Rs 2019 CB650R Accessories on 2020 model

    So Honda does not list any OEM Accessories for the 2020 model of the CB650R ABS only for 2019. Everything I've seen states that the two models are basically identical. I am specifically looking to order the Quick shifter and the passenger seat cover. Just wondering if anyone has installed...
  3. N

    2020 CB650R Honda accessories??

    Honda’s accessory website lists a handful of nice goodies (Quick shifter, bags, heated grips, etc) for the 2019 model, but 0 for the 2020 model. Anyone out there have experience using these parts on a 2020 USA model? I’d really like to get the Quick Shifter for my 2020 CB650R if anyone has...
  4. RedLeader

    Where are you finding accessories for this bike?

    No where I look seems to have much of anything in stock for this bike accessory wise. Before I purchased it I was happy to see that Honda has a fair number of accessories and aftermarket support looks decent in theory but again, no one seems to have anything in stock. I mean the bike's been out...
  5. CB650R

    All 650's Battery and Accessories

    How many can you attach to the battery without drawing too much power from it? I have a quadlock wireless charger and a power commander installed. I'm thinking of installing heated grips. Would it be okay or would it be too much? TIA
  6. H

    Aux Power Plug Wire

    Hello everyone, I own a crf450l and upon looking to buy a cb650f I discovered the power plug behind the fenders appear to be the same. Does anyone have a cb650f or cb650r in the US that would like to try a wire I made-up for the crf450l's? I will mail out for free.
  7. Austin G

    Passenger Footrest???

    I bought my bike used a year ago and it didn't come with the passenger footrests. Anyone know where I can acquire them used but not in garbage condition? I know that buying new from honda will easily be $200+
  8. Chip

    Useful Link to Honda accessories install instructions.

    Not sure if this has been posted but it's a useful link to install instructions for a lot of Honda accessories. Ironically the CB650F belly cowl is not on there, I'll work it out....:muted: Enjoy.
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