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Luggage Suggestions for a small tail bag for CB650R

Danny Linguini

Apr 26, 2020
Looking for any suggestions for a small seat/tail bag for the CB650R, preferably something that makes use of the luggage loops under the stock rear seat. I want something small and low, no bigger than 11”L x 9”W x 3” H, just to carry papers, visor rag, small tool kit and maybe a spare pair of gloves. I’ve scoured the web and found a couple that are close to the size and shape I want, but not exact, and I either cant see or don’t like how they attach. I’m curious to see what others might be using or have seen in their travels.


Feb 22, 2020

I use this bag, it’s just a touch bigger than the dimensions you described but it works great! Uses the two loops that are on the rear of the passenger seat and then comes with straps that you put around the subframes for the front connections. When it’s empty it barely takes up any space.


Sep 28, 2019
If you go on Ali Express, you can get the same bag for about £25. Great bad as pointed out as above.


Apr 3, 2019
I’ve had this for a while. Been very pleased with it. I have the straps fixed to the frame and stored ready under seat. When extended, it is big enough for an over night trip.
Have the same on my CBR650R and I am really happy with it.


Jun 17, 2020
That’s what I ended up getting, the US-5 Drypack. Fits nice, holds just what I need it to, I only wish there were a way to lock it if the day ever comes that I have to commute to work again.
I leave it on the bike Almost full time, because if I’m gone for long its prob empty. I don’t use It as long term storage for anything but my chain lock.

99% of the time I only use it to hold a chain lock, and maybe 1 or 2 small things I’m carrying to that destination. If I need more space, I just wear a backpack. I’d be pissed if they stole it, but I assume most people have no idea what it’s worth.
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