1. Dankotaru

    Yamaha Champions Riding School

    This past weekend I got to attend another track day at High Plains Raceway here in Colorado, but this time it was part of the two-day Champ School program run by Nick Ienatsch and the Yamaha Champions Riding School. The two-day program covered a full range of riding topics. In a nutshell, the...
  2. Shackadema

    Riding through Europe during COVID....

    Hi, I am currently working away in Italy but my motorcycle is in the UK. I intend to fly home grab the bike and ride it over here, in normal circumstance no problem, I could do it in a weekend (it is brutal but I have done it before). However, during the Pandemic it is more complicated due to...
  3. ducatiman

    All 650's Whats wrong with my 650?

    2019 CBR650R 3780 miles NO mods to anything...factory exhaust, electrical and engine Maintenance done: numerous chain cleans/adjusts/lubes, tire pressures checked, oil level checked often, just 1 oil and filter change at the 600 mile requirement, minor adjustments to accel & clutch cables...
  4. I

    Exploration Vacation Destination Consideration Question

    That's quite a mouthful, but it's basically what this thread is. I'm looking for a good vacation destination. I plan on going with a nephew of about 20 years somewhere to hop on the bikes and explore the area. Good motorcycle roads and motorcycle friendly people are a must. I'm leaning...
  5. baugustine

    Don’t Ride When You’re Angry...

  6. P

    Road Trip Documentary - PCH - Los Angeles to Vancouver Documentary Series on Youtube

    Hey Gang, A few years back a buddy and I took a trip up Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to Vancouver. I've finally had time to edit the series. Here is a link to the first 6 episodes. Each episode is about 20 minutes. Episode 7 is almost finished. Probably be about 12 episodes when all...
  7. Devilsfan

    Daytona Biketoberfest (now COVID Talk)

    I read that none of the major brands will be there, but that's normal for Biketoberfest (Bike Week is when everyone's there!). Also, due to Covid, I'm sure it will be very tame. Nonetheless, I plan to head out there Saturday morning. If anyone else is going and wants to meet up for...
  8. GregTheWalrus3

    My first tour - 5 days, ~1,500ish miles on the CB650R

    Hey! I’m currently doing my very first motorcycle tour, and l’ll be using this thread to document how the experience goes. I’ll be riding my CB650R ~1500ish miles over 5 days, so I’m really gonna get to know this bike over the next week!! (Will update later when I have more free time)
  9. baugustine

    How to wreck your motorcycle without being on it

    welcome to Mulholland Dr
  10. koofdome

    Miles ridden per year?

    I got my 650 in February of this year brand new with 0 miles on it. I just hit 5,200 miles Is that too much in one season?
  11. victorkkq

    All 650's My first knee down.. what an amazing feeling.. (include how to tutorial by MCN)

    What an amazing feeling.. after 2 years of trying.. Feels like a hero.. Very addictive.. Now part of my motorcycle journey is achieved.. Not an expert here cause I only managed to get my left knee down a few times (still trying right knee).. If you are interested here is "How to get your knee...
  12. miweber929

    Interesting video

    While this is a discussion of a 300 vs. a 360, it's a good video:
  13. Rom89n

    Who is allowed to ride your motorcycle?

    Just out of curiosity. Who do you trust with your motorcycle? (Wife/girlfriend, other friends, anyone, nobody, family, children (when old enough),...) For me it's pretty simple. Nobody rides it except myself, or my mechanic if he needs to do a test ride. I just don't trust anyone with te bike...
  14. J

    Preparing for winter!

    Hi all, I’m a new rider (past my test about a month ago. Yay!) and plan to ride all year round in the UK. I thought passing my test mid summer would give me a chance to get grips with riding on motorways (m25,m23,m3) before chucking in the wether variants but this august has been wet! I’ve been...
  15. Wayne p

    How old , how long on a bike

    So l going to be billy big balls l am 60 years old, been radeing bikes from 1976 ( at 17 years old ) Must have a few bikes in my life time Rideing bikes before cameras was interesting Quite suspense a got to 21 years old What is the age of folks rideing How many years riading When did you...
  16. FogDucker

    All 650's What mods do you have in mind for the next riding season and why?

    and what is already changed on your bike (any justifications?). How did it help? Cheers
  17. baugustine

    Favorite Places to Ride

    TIme to start a thread of your favorite places to ride. Pictures are helpful ;) My first entry is from this morning on Mulholland Hwy, Malibu CA. No one on the road at 7am on a Sat other than hard-core cyclists. I’ve had the honor of being passed by a Porsche GT3 on this stretch a few months...
  18. aaronlukemarshall

    CB650F CB650F Matt Gunpowder Black - 2015(UK)

    CB650F Matt Gunpowder Black - 2015(UK) Hello and welcome to my rides main landing post here I'll post my current and planned future mods and pictures of ongoing cleaning and updates. Please feel free to drop me a line or question I'd be happy to help. OEM: Carbon Hugger Carbon Mudguard...
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