1. Dankotaru

    All 650's MAX2H EVO2 Tire Changer Review

    One of the things I both love and hate about motorcycles is changing tires. I've spent more than two decades tracking and racing cars, and as a guy who likes wrenching and doing as much as I can on my own in my garage, I always wanted to mount and balance my own car tires. But the equipment is...
  2. baugustine

    All 650Rs 2021 Cycle World review

    There have been some discussion recently on front suspension upgrades and selection of fork oils. Good explanation in this review of the differences between the 19-20 R & the 2021 R...
  3. JH09

    cb650r vs trident review

    i have not watched all the way through yet, but here is a review of the new trident vs the cb. there will prob be a lot more of these comparisons as the trident comes to market. thx
  4. Sparkymick

    On the side line

    Hello, just a short message whilst like many l've plenty of spare time on these chilly days to put in my 2 penny worth on the CB650R. Bought my CB650R in Dec 2019, didn t use it much due to poor weather and recovery from breaking my left elbow badly. Still l fiddled with the bike and fitted lots...
  5. baugustine

    All 650's YouTube Reviews

    We created a thread for reviews by YouTubers (amateur and professional). No particular order
  6. JRinKtown

    All 650Rs An excellent review

    I thought this was a great review of the CB650R.
  7. JH09

    CB650R cb650r jalopnik review nice review with some very nice photos.
  8. E

    Suzuki 650 V Strom

    I am now looking at a 2016 Suzuki V Strom, the road based version without the beak , not the XT .Haven't sat on it yet but I am slightly concerned about the seat height (although I know Lust do lowering links that lower the seat by up to 40mm apparently ) Buffeting also seems an issue according...
  9. F

    CB650R any help is much appreciated for CB650R ABS

    Hello Guys, As in Subject, any common is much appreciated to help me decide for my Second Bike. Before going into my questions, please allow me to explain the reasons why I want to be careful with the decision. I am living in Shanghai, China. to own any imported bike is VERY expensive. For...
  10. C

    CBR650R First 500km Impressions

    So the bike is finally and in WOW this is a serious joy to ride and a huge difference from my Ninja 400. I still haven't finished the breakin process (sprained ankle) but I can tell that this is going to be a great long term bike. It is super balanced, the power is everywhere and readily...
  11. JRinKtown

    All 650Fs 2018 CB650F Impressions at 11,000 kms on Twisty Ride

    I've had the bike for a year now. Here's my thoughts on it thus far:
  12. baugustine

    CBR650R 650R vs Ninja 650

    Pretty interesting review, good example how specs mean less than purpose and execution
  13. Stanerzz96

    Can you help me out here? - thank you in advance :)

    Hello all, I'm not sure if I'm allowed posting stuff like this one here so if not please removed admin. So here goes My names Joshua Stanley and I've recently started becoming very interested in the idea of blogging, vlogging and graming my bikes, journeys and adventures. I've had an...
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