1. Bobdoc

    Rear seat cowel 21 plate CBR650R

    Wanting to replace the pillion seat with a cowel or new black plastic rear seat. Don't want to pay honda £204 . Seen some replacements but only for 19 and 20 plate bikes. Any suggestions as how to make sure I get the right replacement any links to get one would be useful don't mind paying up to...
  2. Z

    CB650R How did you adjust the rear suspension?

    Hi, According to the manual, the rear suspension default value is 3. I am dissatisfied with something. I'm 210lb, what is the optimal preload setting?
  3. N

    All 650Fs CBR650F Rear Foot Peg Blanks

    Hi guys, I am looking for some blanking plates for my rear legs on my 67 plate CBR650F ABS. I have found some evotech ones but they are out of stock everywhere. Anyone know of any other ones ? R n G or anything similar. Thanks...
  4. A

    All 650's R and G rear bobbins CBR650R

    Hi thinking about bobbins to lift rear wheel the r and g one's look good I was wondering if it's safe to remove wheel are these bobbins connected to swing arm or are they loose when axle bolt removed What's the best paddock stand for CBR650R
  5. Sonx

    All 650's Rear Brake Rotor Scoring After Installing EBC Double-H Sintered Pads?

    I had OEM pads on my rear tire and I just installed EBC Sintered Double-H Pads and I am trying to find out of this is normal. I took my bike out for its first ride and I can "feel" it scoring the rear rotor on initial contact. When riding and I apply pressure to the rear brake, it feels a little...
  6. B

    Finally got my rear cowl. Just need to install my tail tidy

  7. Doohanisthegoat

    All 650's Empty rear brake reservoir.

    For some reason the rear brake reservoir on my bike is completely empty. I don't often use the rear brake so was wondering what I should look for to see what caused it?
  8. Agenthunt996

    All 650Rs Rear seat cowl

    Been looking for a rear seat cowl on my bike and I’m not the hugest fan of the oem one. I found this one but it won’t ship to the US does anybody know where else I could find one of these?
  9. B

    Rear tank mount washer fell and disappeared, anyone know where this could have gone?

    Hi everyone, I was installing heated grips on my 2021 CBR650R earlier and had to lift the tank to route the cables. When I removed the bolt that holds the tank to the rear tank mount (under the seat) I heard a small object drop on the other side which was out of view. I was holding the nut on...
  10. P

    CBR650F Rear brake feel

    2015 CBR650F non-abs. Just got the bike a few weeks ago. 5300 miles on it. Rear brake seems really weak and has a weird feel to it. Not sure since I'm new to the bike but it just doesn't seem right to me. 1/4 pedal does about nothing, 1/2 pedal start to get some slowing, then 3/4 pedal the pedal...
  11. OkiCB

    CB650R ACTIVE Rear Indicators

    The stock indicators did not allow me to install my side case racks as I wanted to. So, I had to find another solution. A little research into other tail tidies, and i found ACTIVE had something I liked. But I already had an Evotech tidy that I like quite a bit. A little more digging and I found...
  12. Danielegenovesi76

    All 650Fs Rear turn signal issue

    hi guys quick question I have new 2018 honda cb650f I did install few months ago fender eliminator kit which fit the stock turn signal its look like those turn signal keep broking off before only the lens I buy some silicone and replace with new lens and just put some silicon around look good...
  13. tharivera34

    CB650R Rear Spools?

    Hi everyone, I just bought a Pitbull 8mm Spool Kit which revzilla says fits on my bike but I do not see any hole where the rear spools could fit. Is there an adapter or something I have to buy to install these spools? Thanks
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