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  1. T

    All 650Fs 02 sensor delete

    So I got my bike back last week, i got myself a 02 sensor eliminator, I'm trying to find where it plugs into, I've looked everywhere for a answer but I cannot find a solution. Thank you
  2. martin minn htet

    CB650F Check engine light

    What is the meaning of the check engine light Flashes : 2long and3 short. And i want to know about the 02 sensor .If o2 sensor need to replace the bike will show any features or something. Sry for my bad english writing and i hope u'll understand. Thz u brothers .plz help me.
  3. P

    All 650's Disconnecting Oxygen Sensor Connector

    I know that this topic has been covered before (by Brammers and others), but I am requesting more specific details. I can barely touch the connector with the tips of my fingers, so I have no chance of pressing the release latch by hand. I will have to make a tool to press the release latch while...
  4. Danielegenovesi76

    All 650's 02 sensor plug

    do you guys have any idea which best way to unplug the 02 sensor? its 4 pin just under the tank on the left side of the bike I can reach with my hand but to unplug its at pain.........I need to install rapid bike easy kit so it connect to the o2 sensor plug.
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