1. MrRaging

    CBR650R Thoughts on wheel decals & other mods

    Wanting to do some non-permanent mods to my bike to 'spice' up its look a little, it's a black w/ grey trim 2021 CBR650R. I've always loved the look of dark colours with fluro yellow accents, like this zx10r. I'm looking at getting some of these (or similar) wheel decals. I was just wondering...
  2. BayArea_Wanderer

    All 650Rs Custom sissy bar?

    I am going out on a limb here so don't hang me yet. The need to make a passenger more comfortable has arisen. She prefers a sissy bar. I couldn't care less but want another fun mod project for the 2021 cb650r. We are thinking a small 10-12' inch custom sissy bar. I currently have side tail...
  3. Chemical650F

    CBR650F AliExpress Steering Damper, installed!!

    Hello everyone this is my first post! I picked up my cbr650f 2018 in may of this year. I got it at 12,000 miles and I have put 3,000 on since! I love the bike and it is my 4th Honda. The previous owner installed the following mods. Puig Black Windscreen Shorty levers TRex Frame/engine sliders...
  4. madeleinein

    CBR650F Bought my first Honda today! What a beauty.

    I traded my MT07 for this CBR650F because I felt like trying something different. One previous owner, 6500 kilometres and it looks like new! I’ve just been on my first ride on it and so far I’m very pleased. It’s especially thrilling in curves, compared to the MT07. Any suggestions on mods...
  5. Brian C.

    All 650Rs CBR650R Mirror extensions

    Love my Bike, but one thing that annoys me is I cannot see anything behind me. To the sides is great, but unless I lean out of the way all I see is my Shoulders when trying to look behind. Been similar on all the bikes I have ridden (4 so Far!). Has anyone tried these SW-Motech Mirror Extenders...
  6. kittdrury

    CB650R New CB650 R Naked 2022 Model with R&G parts

    The new 2022 model has a few modifications from the 2021 model, this has impacted the ability of the new bike to fit the R&G Tail Tidy as it needs to be modified before it will fit, however, many of the other parts like the Case covers and radiator protector all fit perfectly. With Tail Tidy...
  7. kittdrury

    Honda CB650R 2022 Model

    Got the new 2022 CB650R model and love it. a serious machine that really performs and handles well. Bought the R&G tail tidy for the 2021 model being advised that it would fit the 2022 model, well, surprise, it didn't. I had to cut and weld the old tail piece to the new one. at least that...
  8. slim_sheady

    All 650Rs 2022 CBR 650R mods suggestions?

    Hello all, Got my confirmation for the new machine arriving next month - can't wait. Does anyone have any recommendations for the following Exhaust - ideally a slip-on for now so I'm not spending on the whole system. Just looking for better sound and style really. Frame sliders lights Rim...
  9. jef200

    All 650Rs New accessories for my CB650R

    Hello, pls find some recent pictures with the last parts I installed on my bike to customize it. Radiator cover from AliExpress, KN air filter (not visible) and full exhaust. The exhaust is an IXIL XRACE MK2, I bought it from second hand for 350 euros only and it is almost new. It is not...
  10. B

    CBR650F wrong pieces?

    whats up! everybody. I just get a sliders for my 2016 cbr but i cant see where it goes i was tryn in different possition but i cant place it, can somebody showme? pics for details
  11. PatrickBateman

    All 650Rs Comfort Mods

    This week's mods are all about improving the bike's comfort: 1. Nitron NTR R1 rear shock - The roads are really cracked and bumpy here in Toronto. The bike feels so much better with this Nitron shock, I'm no longer afraid of bumps or potholes. Also feels super planted in the corners. 2. Bar...
  12. burnett22

    CBR650F Performance upgrades & mods

    Super excited!!!!! Taking delivery of my CS racing exhaust system today. plan to fit this over the weekend along with a K&N air filter and radiator cover. Also installing a gear indicator, just need to decide where to mount it. Lastly i will be taking out some of the throttle free play...
  13. B

    Bad mod, electrical problems

    Hi ppl, i got an CBR 2016 and when i get it some turn ligts wasn't workn, so i try to change it, but obviously something went wrong so now the bike isnt showing anything on HUD (looks turned off) and the tail brake lights is off but it works when i press the brake, so... The bike mechanicaly...
  14. U

    CB650R Different mods

    Less is more :happy:
  15. Fezbruv

    CB650R Sprocket modification 2019 CB650R

    Hey i have seen a thread for the f model but was unsure whether or not id need a speedo healer if i changed my setup or if the process was the same. I was thinking i might go 14 44 if it's to short ill go 15 on the front instead. Just wanted some opinions.
  16. Jerry

    CB650R custom build competition

    It's all in spanish or something, but the pictures show some pretty cool custom builds of the CB650R
  17. R

    All 650's Do these easy mods now and ENJOY!

    I stumbled across this thread about removing the PAIR system and decided it sounded like it would address some minor issues for not a lot of money, and since this job would require removing the tank I figured I may as well swap the stock plugs out for a nice NGK iridium "the last plugs you'll...
  18. R

    first bike cbr650f

    just started riding a few months ago and bought a cbr650f and im thinking bout taking the whole thing apart this winter to 1.) learn about the machine a little and 2.) improve some parts. Any recommendations on first mods? only thing aftermarket currently is the fender eliminator.
  19. LB2020

    All 650Rs 2019 CB650R Accessories on 2020 model

    So Honda does not list any OEM Accessories for the 2020 model of the CB650R ABS only for 2019. Everything I've seen states that the two models are basically identical. I am specifically looking to order the Quick shifter and the passenger seat cover. Just wondering if anyone has installed...
  20. kingjoca

    All 650Fs Hey guys just sharing some new Pics. and some mods.

    .. Here are of few Pics of my New CB650f Mode back end license plate holder. and lights from original. mode bottom cowling.(belly pan) rad cover. also tinted wind screen
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