1. R

    first bike cbr650f

    just started riding a few months ago and bought a cbr650f and im thinking bout taking the whole thing apart this winter to 1.) learn about the machine a little and 2.) improve some parts. Any recommendations on first mods? only thing aftermarket currently is the fender eliminator.
  2. LB2020

    All 650Rs 2019 CB650R Accessories on 2020 model

    So Honda does not list any OEM Accessories for the 2020 model of the CB650R ABS only for 2019. Everything I've seen states that the two models are basically identical. I am specifically looking to order the Quick shifter and the passenger seat cover. Just wondering if anyone has installed...
  3. kingjoca

    All 650Fs Hey guys just sharing some new Pics. and some mods.

    .. Here are of few Pics of my New CB650f Mode back end license plate holder. and lights from original. mode bottom cowling.(belly pan) rad cover. also tinted wind screen
  4. N

    2020 CB650R Honda accessories??

    Honda’s accessory website lists a handful of nice goodies (Quick shifter, bags, heated grips, etc) for the 2019 model, but 0 for the 2020 model. Anyone out there have experience using these parts on a 2020 USA model? I’d really like to get the Quick Shifter for my 2020 CB650R if anyone has...
  5. J

    CB650F Your favourite Mod!

    Hi all, Had my CB650f for a bout 3 weeks now and love it! However, I also love a mod. ive installed Leds all round and flasher relay. tail tidy. Radiator guard. Crash bobbins. im waiting on delivery of a carbon rear hugger and chain guard and got my eye out for lots more carbon bits. Exhaust...
  6. RedLeader

    Where are you finding accessories for this bike?

    No where I look seems to have much of anything in stock for this bike accessory wise. Before I purchased it I was happy to see that Honda has a fair number of accessories and aftermarket support looks decent in theory but again, no one seems to have anything in stock. I mean the bike's been out...
  7. JasCBR650R

    All 650Rs Tank pads

    Hi All, Got this cheeky little addition whilst I waited for my bike to have its first service. Need some side grips too. Any recommendations (some links and pictures of your own would be useful)
  8. JasCBR650R

    CBR650R First service done! And a few mods

    Hello everyone Been a bit MIA recently but I took the bike on its first service and it absolutely feels new again. Unfortunately the bubble screen hasn't arrived as of yet which sucks! But managed a few pictures thought I'd post in TomTom rider 550 installed Evotech radiator guard installed...
  9. K

    All 650Rs Single-Sided Swingarms

    Hey gang, Has anyone considered switching to a single-sided swingarm (I own a '19 CB650R) and done any research around price, installation, etc.? Or does anyone have general knowledge on the hoops needed to jump through to get one installed? The winner of Honda's Garage Dream (Honda Mototrofa)...
  10. Devilsfan

    Zen...and the Art of Motorcycle Decorating

    Let me preface...this is really NOT to be condescending! Maybe out of boredom or just a deep thinking day but it dawned on me that, after reading all of these threads and posts, that the amount of "bling" that get's added or erased from these bikes is never-ending. So I thought for a while...
  11. Stellato Racing

    CBR650R Looking to Upgrade Intake & PCV

    Hi All, I’m new here so bare with me. I bought my bike at the end of last winter (Toronto, Canada). So far, I have the Full Akro Titanium Exhaust with Carbon Tip (Baffles in) - looking to remove the baffles, is it worth it? I also would like to add, upgraded intake funnels, power commander v...
  12. Stellato Racing

    Intake Upgrade - Power Commander V

    Looking to upgrade my intake funnels and get a power commander V.
  13. L

    All 650Rs Track Bike

    I'm looking at turning my CBR650R into a dedicated track bike, but I'm struggling to find a race fairing, does anyone know of suppliers in the UK?
  14. koofdome

    CB650F Dyno tune is done

    2018 CB650F finally got on a dyno today for a proper tune. How do these numbers look? -TBR Tarmac carbon full exhaust system -K&N -PC V
  15. GPJake

    Search Tutorial & Common Discussions

    The 650 bike Forum was started in 2017 by participants in another Forum that wanted a more robust user experience. Honda had produced the F series from 2014 to 2016, so we were unsure about long-term growth since there was a finite number of bikes sold worldwide. Honda re-introduced the F in...
  16. C

    CBR650R Hello Everyone! Gauging Interest and an Introduction

    Hey Everyone, I go by Tugz, I am from Toronto and I have been riding for 1 year; coming from a Ninja 400 (pictured below). I am currently finalizing the purchase of my CBR650R and all the mods that i plan on doing to it. I have always had a silly passion for doing extreme and fun things and...
  17. H

    CB650R Hello

    Hi all, New CB650R owner back to the bike freedom after 8 years (and wife permission) just to be in lockdown a few days later after only one quick ride. I’ve bought the bike used with 1400miles and it came with -Sport pack (seat cowl, belly pan and quick shifter) -Neo café pack (aluminium trim...
  18. MrFritz86

    CB650R New Front End

    Finally new mods CB1000R headlight Rim Honda OEM windscreen just for the summer season PUIG bar end weight-long silver version Removed passenger pegs upcoming: G2 ergonomic throttle tamer with domino grips Rear seat cowl (chromosphere red) Pirelli Diablo Rosso III
  19. J

    CB650F 18 CB650F Streetfighter

    Hello! Since riding season is starting up again I'm feeling the urge to do something a little different. So I just wanted to ask if anyone has done any streetfighter conversions or a few parts here and there such as the handle bar? I was looking at getting a lower more aggressive style look...
  20. Entropy

    CBR650F Candy Blue Reflections

    I recently bought a bike I've been wanting for 6 years now and this thread will document my journey with it. It is a Candy Tahitian Blue 2014 CBR650F. I'll start with a bit (okay, a lot) of my biking background. If you don't care about that, no problem... Skip to the next post to get to the...
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