1. Ian Warren

    CBR650R MPG am I missing something?

    All the reviews I’ve read and the claimed Honda MPG are 47 MPG (MCN) and 48 MPG Honda I’ve finished running in and done the first service so I have started using the performance and just don’t see anything that low! I know the office test profile won’t involve maxing the acceleration or revs so...
  2. B

    CB650R 80 Miles read on a brand new bike

    I bought a CBR650r from Mountain Motorsports 4 days ago and it was delivered to me today, when i checked the total miles it was Showing me 80Miles, i asked the sales manager for it and they said its common to have those miles on a brand new bike..Is it common tho?
  3. D

    CBR650F No Average MPG after bump start.

    Hello Everyone. I wasn't able to use my CBR650F for nearly a month and a half. This morning the battery was almost dead and only just turned the engine over so wouldn't start the bike. I had to bump start it. I rode it most of the day and have covered nearly 200 miles. I have turned the bike off...
  4. D

    CB650F Sprocket Change vs Odometer

    Hi guys, I'm planning to change both sprockets from stock to 16T/40T and I'm wondering how the bike's odometer gets the speed it from ABS sensor located on a front wheel or of a transmission. I guess the question is do I need a speedohealer to make needed adjustment and have it...
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