1. victorkkq

    CB650R Honda CB650R customs by Honda Europe: Simply Awesome..

    Got this post from Malaysia's blogger These mods are simply awesome, particularly the one with the single sided swing arm from Honda VFR750F. Detailed pictures can be found at the blog below:
  2. Shackadema

    Riding through Europe during COVID....

    Hi, I am currently working away in Italy but my motorcycle is in the UK. I intend to fly home grab the bike and ride it over here, in normal circumstance no problem, I could do it in a weekend (it is brutal but I have done it before). However, during the Pandemic it is more complicated due to...
  3. W

    All 650Rs Is the 2019 CB650R euro 4 or euro 5 compliant?

    Hi there, anybody knows if the 2019 CB650R is euro 4 or euro 5 compliant does it have obd1 or obd2?
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