1. M

    Temp gauge blinking + check engine

    (2019 Cbr650r, 11000 km, full system exhaust no tune) Hey, so I did a small ride from work to home nothing crazy and it’s a cool day, I noticed my temp gauge was blinking and my check engine light was on, I got home and normally when I park the bike the fans would be going and noticed there were...
  2. W

    CBR650R CBR650R Leaking liquid

    Hey all, I was riding on saturday, pulled into a petrol station to fill up and as i was walking back to the bike I noticed a little bit of dark liquid under my bike about 10 cm away from my kickstand. Took a closer look at my overflow valves and they were completely dry. I looked closer and saw...
  3. D

    Cbr650f engine swap to 650r

    Hi guys, I’ve recently found a bunch of metal shards in my 2018 cbr650f oil. Unfortunately I made a purchase of someone who’s trashed this bike and I need to engine swap it. There’s currently a 2020 cbr650r engine available however I can’t find any information on whether the new engines will...
  4. NotInIreland

    CBR650F 2015 Honda CBR650F Engine Specifications.

    I'm working on a project with the motor out of a CBR650F and I just had some questions about the engine. What years of the bike used the same engine/are compatible? -I've seen online that 2014-2017 model years are compatible, but figured i'd ask y'all Does anyone know what the fuel consumption...
  5. shauntot

    All 650's Frame sliders mounted on engine case

    Hi all, been thinking about replacing my sliders which are the single point mount kind since I've been reading here that there are instances where a simple slow speed tip over can crack the engine mount because of the single point of contact. Haven't seen those pics personally though, just read...
  6. Lionreza

    All 650Rs Engine Still running with ignition off CB650R 2023

    Just had a really weird experience whilst out on a ride I pull up turn the ignition off instrument cluster turns off but the engine keeps running, i turned the ignition back on cluster lights up engine still running, so I hit the kill switch, Bike started back up fine but this time engine...
  7. L

    CBR650R Engine light on when travelling with akrapovic full exhaust system

    So I bought a 650r ‘21 and have around 10k km on it. I have put on a full akrapovic exhaust , no mapping occurred and removed the muffler. I did around 160 km on it at almost full throttle and got 0 problems. After that I check oil and coolant level everything was perfect. Decided to do another...
  8. Alpine

    CBR650R The speedometer not working and Headlights even without ignition and check engine light on

    Hey Guys, I have had an issue where I pressure washed my bike and all of sudden my speedo stopped working and the headlights are staying on (top light on the right for ref) without the key in the ignition. Has anyone had the issue and perhaps resolved it? the bike is a 2021 CBR650R that I just...
  9. Fram7


    Dear all, I bought today a CB650R 2020 with 1700 miles. Bike did not start due to the battery beeing dead. I tried to push start and ended up with the management light on. Bikes drives perfectly. I took off the battery off and charging overnight Is there a way to reset the light? Thank...
  10. C

    Engine generations

    Hi all, first post. I have a cbr 650r 2021. I was wondering are there difference between engine years? More specifically the cylinder head? Thanks!
  11. nadav

    CBR650R weird rattling noise from engine

    First of all hello im new here I recently got my bike its the 2022 CBR650R model with now 6,500 km on the odo and i have put 1,500 km on it since i bought it and recetly i have noticed that weird noise coming from the engine when decelerating , you can hear it loudly whan the bike is cold and it...
  12. K

    CBR650R Engine howling at 4.2K RPM?

    The motorcycle sounds like a wolf's spirit is mixed somewhere inside the engine at this RPM range lol. Its more noticeable in 4th-5th and 6th gear. Is the motor suffering if prolonged at this range? Its probably normal but has anybody else noticed that?
  13. cryingman

    All 650Fs unrestricting engine for more power

    Hi, can anyone tell me please, if i want to unrestrict my CBr650FA, 2015 make, - i have drilled out/removed air intake blockages; but i can feel some engine disruptions on 9K rpms- do i need reprogram ECU (or replace from unrestricted model), also do i need to replace air intakes, or my one...
  14. P

    CBR650F Engine's metallic disturbing sound

    The engine ( I suppose it's coming from there) while being off after riding is giving strange metalic sound. This specific sound can be heared in 2 seconds but It lasts even up to few hours. Does someone recognize smiliar in your own machines? What it could be? I've attached an video in ZIP...
  15. G

    CBR650F Engine high rev when shifting gear

    Hi guys, I have maintained my cbr650f 2018 by my self, Including clean air filter, change new spark plug to iridium, i’m also used carburetor cleaning spray to clean throttle body. So i have disconnected all what need to reach out the throttle body.(cables, wire sensors, air box,..) Coolant...
  16. C

    All 650Fs Engine Management Light

    Anyone had an issue with their engine management light being on? Code read low voltage to C02 sensor? But the bike has had the C02 Eliminator on it. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  17. enshiu

    cbr600rr engine in a cb650f?

    Maybe a dumb question . I was thinking to swap a cbr600rr (2016) engine in my cb650f. Does the engine mount points fit or are they different?
  18. enshiu

    How to access rear engine water hose housings?

    How to access here?
  19. S

    Rust on brand new 2022 CBR650R engine case

    I just took delivery of a 2022 CBR650R. I bought it in October and it was sitting in its crate at the dealership in Connecticut over the winter until late March (so very little heat or humidity). I just went to clean/lube the chain and wash the bike for the first time and I noticed there was...

    Engine Bars - which ones ?

    I'm about to receive my new 2023 CB650R Black Edition and I want to fit engine crash bars that I can also mount additional lights on. Does anyone have suggestions ? what to stay clear of ? I certainly want ones with multiple mounting points I was looking at...
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