1. BDonohoe

    CBR650R CBR650R Check Engine Light

    hi guys, first time post here so any advice or help is welcome. I have a 2020 CBR650R with just 400 miles on it. I parked it up in shed just before xmas on stands and covered. I started it over the weekend and the Engine light just stayed on, no flashes just steady on. I checked the battery and...
  2. Mazzoni


    I have a problem everytime I wash the bike, never with a power jet, and a Service light comes up and take about 2 days t go away. Took the bike to my mechanic who runned a test and the ABS apparenty is at fault. Has anybody have the same issue?
  3. SevenFiftyNL

    CB650F 86 error ?

    Hello, On my 2017 CB650FA my check engine light is burning. It's not always on, but it is mostly now. I brought it in to the dealer, and they couldn't find anything. They said there was an issue with the combination meter. After I brought it to them, however, it gave me an error code; 86. The...
  4. R

    CBR650F Engine Warning Light - Map Sensor

    Hi Folks, First time posting here and looking for some advice, Recently bought a 2015 CBR650F with Black Widow Exhaust, Dropped it into local garage to get serviced and swap out the A2 Restricted ECU & Intake baffles. Collected it last week and noticed the Engine Management light was on...
  5. JamnJme

    All 650's PGM-FI

    I have a 2018 Honda CBR650F with 1500 miles on it. Bought it July 28th 2020 brand new. I've done a proper break-in and 1st maintenance at 600 miles. Yesterday I left my ignition on. Needless to say I had to jump it this morning. So on my way to work the "check engine" light came on. Pull over...
  6. skeletor

    HealTech OBD Tool - quick overview

    For reference, you can see this discussion about the Honda tool from @baugustine https://650f.bike/resources/honda-mci-mcs-scan-tool-information.42/ This is HealTech's Honda specific tool for motorcycles and marine engines. There is also one for Suzuki and Kawasaki...
  7. kingjoca

    All 650Fs Battery went dead and now I have engine light and abs light

    Hey guys. I am new to the forum and have a 2018 cb 650f with 500 km on it. my engine light and abs light are now on after several attempts at starting the bike cause I left the bike on while i was changing the oil on my aprilia (jealousy perhaps lol) I have ordered the odb2 to 4 pin reader...
  8. alexparkes6878

    CBR650F Engine light flashing

    My 2016 CBR650F has just started to show the engine light which is solid when riding and flashes 3 times when idling. Bike doesn't feel different at all. Any ideas?
  9. J

    CBR650R Check engine still on???

    Sinse my last thread got locked i have to make another.....sorry to be a pain. Blanked pair valves....engine light on Fitted 27ohm resistor as advised in multiple threads Shock horror lights still on Rechecked everything and its all fitted and plugged in even tried plugging pair valve back in...
  10. Ryan_20

    CBR650F Check engine light

    Hey guys so I just adjusted the throttle and clutch today on my 2018 cbr650f and when I went to leave my gf’s house I noticed my check engine light was on. It was solid the entire time no flashes or anything and the throttle is extremely sluggish. I’m thinking it’s the throttle body but not...
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