bar end mirrors

  1. N

    All 650's Bar end mirrors

    Hi! Im thinking about putting some bar end mirrors on my 2018 650F as i think these type of bikes looks good with them. Does anyone here have any experience putting bar end mirrors on this bike? And what type of mirrors fit well/looks good? Any reccomendations are appreciated! :)
  2. squid

    CB650R Bar End Mirrors, that don't require the removal of the inner handle bar weight.

    Hi All, I'm after bar end mirrors for my cb650r that do not require the removal of inner handle bar weight, as I'm not keen on taking them out and I do not want to introduce vibrations. Has anyone come across mirrors like this? Cheers,
  3. mikewchandler

    All 650Rs Bar end mirrors and tail tidy complete. Thanks for the help!

    Just wanted to thank this forum. Several of you answered my PMs or questions on posts. The job wasn't too difficult but I was nervous to mess with a brand new bike. So, thanks for your patience as well as your help. :)
  4. J

    CB650R Bar end mirrors

    I've swapped out my bar end sliders and the internal connector and have installed bar end mirrors which in my opinion suits this bike perfectly, my problem is vibration in my right hand being quite bad, has anyone got any suggestions how to counteract this whilst still allowing me to keep these...
  5. darby_07

    CB650R Bar End Mirrors

    Hello all -- first post here! Picked up a 2019 CB650R about a month ago and am loving the bike. Got rid of the shovel rear fender and installed the R&G Tail Tidy (excellent fit) and want to swap my mirrors next. Looking to see how anyone has installed bar end mirrors without removing the...
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