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General Info

Style & Safety Mods

Engine bars, screen, adjustable levers, grip puppies, radiator guard, Seat Cowl, Tail Tidy, Tank pads, Bar Risers (getting old)
Front Guard extension, Speedo healer, adjustable rider pegs.

Luggage / Convenience Mods

Phone holder with USB port.

Plans / Wishlist

Thinking about derestricting it.
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It's a device made by Healtech https://www.healtech-electronics.com/products. that corrects your speedo/odometer, either up or down. All vehicles come with optimistic gauges and dependant on how your vehicle reads road speed it can be up to 10% out or even more if gearing is changed on a bike that reads from the transmission, i.e. speedo reads 100 mph, actual speed as seen on a GPS 90 mph, this will also show up as having travelled farther than you actually have.
To sum up it is bad to have a false speedo reading, generally you will be going slower than the posted speed limit, it will add mileage to your bikes total distance travelled and will give false MPG if you fill the tank and reset the trip meter, top up and divide the trip distance by gallons used.
Being a guy that distrusts corporations etc. I think they do it not as they say to protect them from being sued by people that get speeding tickets but it gives their vehicle a higher top speed, a better miles per gallon figure and brings service intervals around quicker.
Rant over ;)

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