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Customising... Or as my wife calls it, dressing up my Barbie... Has begun.

Off of the list of things that I want done is Clearcoat for the fairings, R&G crash bungs and replacement bolts for the pillion pegs.

Next on the list is the Akrapovic zorst to raise the DB's and then the seat cowl.
Mate, you have saved my ASS! I was having a problem where I would start the bike, it would run fine, but as soon as I began riding it around, when I came to a stop it would hang at 3k RPM on the dot. Well, from looking at your information in the forums about the MAP sensor tube, I found that mine was completely split where it connects to the MAP sensor! I owe you one!
Hi Wexbike. Unfortunately I didn't get your pic. If you get a chance perhaps you could send it again. Cheers Razor
Hey all. I'm new to the forum. My daily-commuter 2014 CBR650F just passed 25K miles. Its my third and favorite bike. I joined to get info on maintenance and to see what you all are up to.
Hi all new to this forum but not biking, I have a few bikes over the years this is the second Honda the first was a ratty bike for bad weather use that was a many moons ago have had the CBR650F for just a year brought from new, like most had different bikes but got say the Honda is sweet so I will be staying with her for a long time yet happy riding all
If anyone is on my profile and has mod ideas regardless of what they are fire it off! Always looking for new input! My bike is a 2018 CB650F ABS
Hi guys, fitted the Honda restricted ecu (for a2 licence) with the restricted air intakes and it now idles very high (around 3k) anybody had this issue or have and fixes I could try?
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