You have to visit this place.....Ghost Bikes in Preston


May 14, 2019
Hi Guys, you really have to visit this place in Preston. I spend most of my spare time at bike shops (I know sad). I was pleasantly surprised with Ghost Bikes in Preston. They have awesome gear and very reasonably priced. I had no intention to buy anything ... ended up buying a new helmet and boots! They had some liquidation stock and couldn’t refuse! Started chatting to a chap, he convinced me to wear my new gear, as he will post my one out for me for FREE!! He was the BOSS MAN....I wish I knew before I started cracking them silly jokes at him (bless him, he laughed with me). Anyway guys......get down there, he will offer a 10% discount to anyone mentions GB2019!! CODE can be used online too! He’s also opening a cafe there on the 24th!! I’ll defo be there.. will be nice to meet up with few fellow CBR650 Riders.


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Nov 8, 2020
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June/2022, Bike night is off, Cafe is closed and stock is about 1/10th of what it was, not looking good.......
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