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Jul 24, 2019
I’ve got a Scorpion 950 modular helmet. I love that thing on hot days because when waiting in traffic. I can flip it up from around my face to get some air. I’ve got two hi viz green Icon jackets one is mesh, the other is leather, Icon gloves, shoes are speed and strength high tops, and some off brand Kevlar lined jeans.
Two summers ago I was riding to work on a victory cross country bagger I had at the time. I was getting on the high way on a cloverleaf entrance ramp doing about 45 mph and hit some gravel and ate shit. I was wearing those Kevlar jeans and those speed and strength riding shoes with two T-shirts and a different scorpion modular I had then. When the bike slid out I tried to right it and the back tire caught traction and bucked me off the seat on to a lane divider that separated traffic from cars exiting the highway. I landed on my back and smacked the side of my helmet good enough to put a nasty divot in it, my jeans got a few small rips in the heavy denim but the Kevlar reinforcement is still intact and I wear them to this day. And my shoes, had they been my regular vans my left ankle would have been ugly but they did their job too. I got a little road rash on my shoulder but it was minimal. I did sustain a mild concussion and some bumps and bruises but that was the extent. If I wasn’t wearing my helmet it would have been ugly. The squad came and took me to the hospital and the trauma nurse was asking me questions, my head was just beginning to stop spinning to where I could focus on what just happened and I looked at my pants and shoes and helmet on the table across from the bed I was in. It all happened so damn fast up until that point but all I could think of at that point is that, that riding gear did it’s job.


Jul 5, 2019
7000' ASL, USA
Rev'It Vapor 2 jacket: A really good all-around jacket. Vents well with all the zippers open, and then it's waterproof with all the zippers closed. No liners to worry about zipping in when the weather gets bad, and it's CE-2 armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back. The cut is a bit odd- tight in the arms and baggy in the body, but I would recommend it for anyone seeking a do-it-all four seasons jacket. I have decided, though, that a summer mesh jacket will be worth the investment, and plan to keep the Vapor 2 for 3-season use.

Rev'It Commuter overpants: Good armor, and very heavy material. I have no doubt they will protect in a slide. Waterproof, and comfortably covers my work khakis when I commute. No venting, though, so I don't wear them on long rides in the summer because swamp ass is a real thing.

An older HJC helmet: I'm still looking for something better that I like. I'm leaning towards a new Shoei RF1200 because it fits my head like a glove, but the UK SHARP test isn't as good as I'd like.

Alpinestars SP-2 v2 gloves: Love these gloves. I wear them year round. I have a lighter pair or mesh Alpinestars gloves that I should sell, because I never use them anymore.

TCX Street Ace shoes: Very comfortable, with toe and ankle protection. Very happy with them.
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Apr 10, 2019
Helmet: Shoei NXR with photochromic visor
Pants:Alpinestars Motegi V2 Leather - Upgraded with Alpinestars Nucleon Race KR-HR Level 2 Hips- Protector
Jacket: Alpinestars Motegi V2 Leather - Upgraded with Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CI Chest- Protector
Backprotector: Alpinestars Nucleon KR3 (with integrated rib protectors)
Shoes: Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Drystar Motegi V2 Leather
Gloves: Held Phantom II


May 18, 2017
The Netherlands
Would love to buy a 2 piece leather suit some day.
That day is today 😅
Went out to buy a helmet for my girlfriend at this large moto store not far from where I live. They had massive discounts on a lot of stuff (we bought her a €179 HJC helmet that was discounted to €98) and I used the opportunity to get tempted into buying a (heavily discounted) Alpinestars leather riding suit.


Oct 30, 2018
Knowing the importance, I spent a very huge chunk of my budget on protection.
I think I am a Dainese fanboy.. With my half baked skills, wearing the Speed Demon logo feels faster.. haha :D


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Ego Zarolho

Dec 9, 2019
LS2 Vector Evo helmet; Rev'it Safari 3 jacket; Rev'it Hydra 2 H20 gloves; Forma Elite boots; (Levi jeans and Decathlon thermal underpants); Alpinestars Charge backpack.


shoei rf-1200
alpinestars jacket (not leather, that one doesn't fit anymore)
alpinestars gloves
I am looking into boots but locally I have a selection of maybe 15 different pairs and I need a slightly wider fit.
I've never ridden with leg protection. Went without a jacket for the last couple years, even.


Oct 24, 2019
Not much good for you but alt-berg over here make boots for the military and police made to measure love mine. Police Bikes them 👍
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