What does a Quick Shifter do, and WHY do I want one?

Jun 28, 2020
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Did you know the 2019+ CB(R)650s are factory-ready to use a Quick Shifter? All that's needed is the sensor and a replacement shift rod! In association with Shifting ContRoll, TTR Ignition Systems is pleased to offer these items at a fraction of the cost of Honda OEM components. Earlier models can be fitted with a stand-alone QS controller, plugging in between the sidestand connectors and teh rear brake switch connectors. No splicing or cutting!

Quick Shift controllers and Sensors allow clutchless full-throttle up-shifts, saving valuable fractions of a second each and every shift on each and every lap, adding up to real time savings over the course of a race. TTR Ignition Systems is pleased to offer these items for both the budget racer and the serious competitor.

Quick Shifters can also be used on the street. They are admittedly more of a toy for the street rider, but blasting through the gears at full-throttle - without having to let up on the gas - is a lot of fun.

So - who wants one?


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Mar 8, 2015
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Copying info from another thread that helped me:

A member asked: Can I install into my 650F?
I guess 650F's need QS kits and Controller both? Can you provide further information about the installation?
The controller plugs in between the sidestand switch connectors and the rear brake switch connectors. The shifter kit replaces the stock shift rod, and plugs into the controller. If it takes you half an hour to install it, you stopped for a beer! :cool:

A member asked: What exactly does it do?
The shifter kit lets the ECU know that you've prodded the shifter for an upshift. The ECU briefly cuts the spark and fuel, unloading the transmission and allowing a smooth shift without backing off the throttle or using the clutch. If you have an earlier model, '14-18, the ECU doesn't have this function, and you need an add-on controller.

A member asked: Why does it need to connect to the rear brake switch? Only to get the +12v?

A member asked: Can this kit support both shift up and down?
This is an UP-shift kit only. The ECU doesn't support auto-blipping for downshift, and the electronics and programming are much more sophisticated - and expensive!

A member asked: Can this kit’s shift rod change the length to fit rear sets?
The kit is intended for use with the stock controls. If the rearsets need a different length rod, you'll need to supply your own.
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Jun 28, 2020
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Quite the opposite, unfortunately. The QS kit is just a switch on a stick; the actual engine-kill is handled by the ECU. From everything I've read here, the '19 non-ABS ECU does NOT have the QS function, apparently due to a screw-up on Honda's part.


May 6, 2021
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Installed one from Amazon Japan today and will test ride tomorrow. 1/2 price of the exact one available at my Honda dealership.


Feb 10, 2021
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Installed one from Amazon Japan today and will test ride tomorrow. 1/2 price of the exact one available at my Honda dealership.
Couldn't resist anymore and ordered one from japan too today.

~125€ instead of ~235€
Jun 28, 2020
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So for a 2018 CBR650F, I'd need the QS Kit (bottom of QS kit page) and the QS Controller (top of QS controller page) ?
That's the theory. Unfortunately, I'm out of stock on the controllers, and don't know when I'll next have more in. I'm stuck in the move from hell, and I've basically ground to a halt.
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