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well, i am mentally insane


650F Alumnus
Woodbury, MN
I might be looking at honda's 2019 cbr1000rr V4 if it is not restricted for thailand.

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I seriously doubt this will come to be anything other than the mindless chatter that everyone’s been harping on for years about a V4 sportbike from Honda. The sportbike market isn’t strong enough to support this, there are still new ‘17 CBR1000RR’s languishing in dealers across the country for 40% off list (I know, I almost bought one for under $11k OTD) so the idea Honda would stick time, money and effort into something that has a very limited appeal is just that: an idea.

I wish the heyday was back and bikes like the RC30, RC45 and even the affordable RC51 twin we’re still available but they’re just not anymore because there isn’t a market for them.

Sorry to be such a downer but I’m simply a realist when it comes to new bikes. You can look back and MCN will have a similar article saying “next years the year, experts say” for the past 10 years at least. It sells magazines, but based on nothing.

I’ll bet $100 to your favorite charity we won’t see a REAL, under $20K, V4 sportbike from Honda in the next 5 years.
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