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CB650R Torque Control Light indicator


Oct 12, 2021
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Hi all.

Today I got my first brand new bike (and actually very first bike in my life) from Honda dealership (CB650RA 2021). I'm a new rider, so maybe it's stupid question from me.

I've noticed that during riding home from Honda dealership Torque Control Indicator light is always on (at speed ~ 50 km/h (30 mph).

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 01.29.29.png

I've found manual in internet and there is stated that this light should go off after reaching 3mph (5km/h).

Is it the way how it's supposed to be?


Aug 31, 2021
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Light should only be on when the bike first starts moving (like you say, 5kmh) - or if you turn the TC off by pulling the trigger with your left index finger.
Considering that is the 'active' TC light, I would take the bike straight back to your dealer and get them to fix it.

When you turn TC off manually, it will have a strikethrough the light (you can faintly see the unlit globe in your picture)

This active light will only come on if the TC is active (i.e, you have wheelspin, wheelie, etc) and then should cut off as soon as traction is restored to the wheel.

Take it back to your dealer, and get them to fix it. They should do it for free.


May 2, 2021
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I noticed the same thing happening on my bike after reading this thread.
TC light was always on and blinked when TC engaged.
Bike ran without any problems.

I scheduled a check with Honda.

I also spoke with the guy who re flashed my bike and the below trick that he recommended worked for me.
Bike stopped (engine off, ignition off)
1. Turn the engine on (keeping it in neutral)
2. Long press the TC switch (where normal bikes have the pass light)
3. TC off light turns on (right most light) , TC remained on
4. Long press TC switch (TC off will turn off).
Repeat steps 2,3,4 one or two times.
5. Start riding.

In my case the TC light turned off after a few meters.
For the next starts the light turned off without repeating the above trick.

Will get the bike checked anyway and update you if Honda finds anything.

The only error found in my case was not related to TC, but to the quick shifter that I "tested" without putting all the cables.
Check takes ~10 minutes and can be done at any Honda Stealer.
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