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Toronto/GTA Meetup & Ride?


650F Alumnus
Woodbury, MN

Op, your first picture is the perfect example of something that was being discussed on the Ducati forum where people we bashing on Harley riders and their costumes and Harley lifestyle” clothing. My point was we all wear a costume, whether it’s an orange and black harley shirt and leather chaps or a full race leather suit that matches the bike along with a matching helmet or Union Jack branded gear when we ride our British bikes. Even things like Marvel Comics styled helmets, or Mohawks the stutters wear on their helmets are all a “costume” and it’s all a lifestyle. There isn’t anyone who’s met me more than 5 minutes that doesn’t know I ride a motorcycle.

To me, it doesn’t matter what you ride, but that you ride. You and your riding partners for the day were on completely different classes of bikes: touring, adventure and standard, yet you all arrived at the same spot, saw the same stuff, did the same roads and you all had a blast.

THAT to me is the joy of motorcycling.
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