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CB650F Tail tidy

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Hi guy's and gals.
I have recently fitted a tail tidy to my bike.
Wow what a difference to the looks of the back end, simply stunning. I did a lot of research before purchasing one and so glad I found Evotech performance parts at Alford near Louth, Mapplethorpe way. Solid design comes with led plate light, standard you might think. But this one comes with a connector that clicks straight to the original wiring loom, no need for cutting, dodgy scotch locks ect. Admittedly not the cheapest, but pay for what you get. Can see it lasting as long as the bike and simply finishes the back end up with a fine sexy look.
It is advertised as £100 on web sites but I fancied a ride out and paid £90 on the door. Great staff on site was more than willing to show me their product without prompting.
So remember their name Evotech performance parts 5*