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Swingarm and suspension


Thread starter #1

As a bit of background for my project, I’m planning on running a 1980's Honda in a technical innovation race series in the future so I’m starting my research into what I can do with the rear end to modernise and lighten it etc

My criteria started as follows:
Straight mount between frame and swingarm for the shock (no linkage/dogbone system)
House a 5.50 rear
Readily available for parts for when I bin it.
And obviously has to look nice.

Cbr seems to fit the bill so far so I’m looking for some help to get the ball rolling
If anyone is going out to the garage out to their bike and just happen to have their tape measure in their back pocket it would be greatly appreciated if they could take some measurements for me!


A - swingarm to rear spindle
B - shock length (eye to eye)
C1 - swingarm spindle to ground
C2 - rear spindle to ground
D - top shock mount to swingarm spindle

P.S bike ideally has to be held upright for these measurements not on the side stand

And if anyone has the Rear spring rate or a photo of the code on the spring that would be helpful!

Hopefully someone can help