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CBR650F Spool adapters

Woodbury, MN
I found these online which are a lot cheaper than the R &G ones but look similar. Has anyone tried these?
What are you trying to do with the spools? If it’s for storage then that style will work. But if it’s maintenance, like replacing tires, adjusting your chain, etc., they won’t do anything because the plates fall out once you loosen and remove the axle.

As long as you know that going in, I’d say those in this link should be just fine.

I asked earlier, but who sells the red style you linked above? I can’t remember the company name but I looked into those at one point because you can remove the wheel and adjust the chain (carefully) with that design. I may finally break down and buy some.
So for those wondering about those red ones above, I did happen to come across some very similar to it on eBay. The brand is Mad Moto and they only appear to be available for the CBR250R, CBR300R, and the CB500F and probably the CBR500R. If anyone knows more about the compatibility of those bikes versus ours that would be great. They only appear to be $40 USD with free shipping. Not sure if this will be of use to anyone but might as well share my findings.
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These work well if you want a quick off the stand

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These work well if you want to use them as combined bobbins/sliders
Forgot to say they'll both require the machined bracket aka the R&G one, which you can buy separately. Personally haven't used bobbins for last few years as they only really allow you to do basic maintenance on the back end.
Invest in a centre stand and you get it all in one hit.....I believe the guys on here recommend the Abba one
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In my opinion if you are getting spools for a paddock stand you would get the T Rex ones, because you can actually perform maintenance, also it's big enough to be a solid slider for the rear.