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CBR650R Relay help


May 26, 2019
Hey guys, trying to install after marked light on the 21 cbr650r and so far nothing is going to plan. It seems the wiring layout is completely different to the 2019 - 20 model as far as I can tell, which makes it awkward because that's all i have. Anyway I've solved the non standard flasher connections and ignition live problem. Now there is a relay with a 8 pin layout. Most of the relays I've seen online for the bike are either 2 pin or 4 pin. This one has 8.
Can anyone recommend a good relay to replace this one? I think this one should do the job? https://www.mpartz.com/indicator-relay-led-honda-cbr650r-8-pins-p-40507m20856y

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