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All 650's Oil level


Jul 5, 2021
Riding Since
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the biking world and have recently bought a 69 plate CB650R.

I recently asked for help regarding the coolant levels in the expansion tank and your helped really played off. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Obviously I'm keen to make sure my bike stays in tip top condition. So trying to regularly keep an eye on levels

The one thing that I'm baffled with is checking thevoil level. Sounds simple ablnd I follow the guidance in the manual.

Can sone one please clarify for me, should I be looking at the oil level on the top or bottom?

As the dipstick goes in at an angle, you get a different result?

Top shows a lower level compared to the bottom

Honda doesn't seem to mention this in the manual.

Thank you


May 30, 2014
Hampshire, England
Here's what I did (you judge)...

Got a friend to help hold the bike upright after just turning the engine off.

Measure the oil as per manual... I hold the dipstick so that one "side" is facing the rear of the bike... Read the level and top it up to max. You'll see the line across the stick this way.

Go back the next day (without the engine being started) and put a block of wood (or anything really) under the stand so the bike is nearly upright.

Measure the oil again, cold. Remember where that mark is on the dipstick...now you can check the oil cold quickly before a ride and know where max is.

Keep the oil just below that point.

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