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CB650R New Member Intro - San Francisco, California US


Sep 9, 2021
Riding Since
Hey All,

Currently have a deposit on a 2021 CB650R to be delivered no later than the end of the month. So excited for this purchase as it is my first brand new 0 mile bike purchase. Have been scoping the forums and this one stood out.

Some cliff notes regarding my background so you all can reference my biases...
  • Long time bicycle commuter while living in Chicago 12 miles 5 days a week - learned some important 2 wheel lessons while only just on a bicycle
  • 2016 picked up a standard shift Scion FR-S, self taught how to drive stick, fell in love with engines and gear boxes
Needed affordable power
  • Spent unlicensed riding time having fun and making mistakes on dirt bikes in 2017 at age 27 - New Jersey Pine Barron's have some great sand and backroad
  • 2018 earned moto endorsement and purchased a used 2015 Yamaha R3 - modded the crap out of bike for run with the intent to learn track riding but not to race
  • 6 months after purchase of the R3 bought a 2012 GSX-R 750 from a local neighbor who was selling it for a great deal - sat in the garage b/c the power and throttle sensitivity scared the crap out of me
Got to the track
  • Been a regular at Thunderhill track here in Northern California with my Yamaha R3 for the last 18 months (2020-2021) - put in a half track day my first time (rain on your first track day will do you like that) and been back 5 times for full days
  • Sold the Yamaha R3 this past July '21 - used market was so high I sold it for more than I bought it for and some to recoup on mod costs
Stuck with the GSX-R 750
  • Relentless coaching during track days on the R3 brought my understanding of riding to a new level. Corner entry, braking methods, mid corner, vision, body position, progressive throttle, corner exit. After daily riding and weekend rides with the local shop crew I am now very comfortable and confident with the power, braking, and cornering. Riding and practicing (in parking lots) as much as I can in prep for track season 2022
  • GSX-R 750 is my dream track bike, it is now modded to the hilt just as I like it
  • In truth I only find myself finding the time to ride 13,000km ~8,000 miles a year and I am happy with that
⭐2021 CB650R on deposit⭐
  • I need a city bike to replace the Yamaha R3 and the CB650R fits the bill perfect for my needs in commuting, city riding, and traveling hour long distances on the highway
  • Bike to be delivered by no later than end of month Sept 2021
  • I love inline 4 SCREAMERS but have promised myself not to go full system, air filter, and tune (is the ECU even unlocked) until 5,000 in
  • Have a mountain of parts to install once delivered
  • Look forward to being part of the community.
    • Shout out to miweber929 @miweber929 who doesn't know me, but whose no bullshit forum responses that I appreciate (I kind of still want to get a steering dampener...for aesthetic reasons 🤣), have convinced me this community has great council.
Will post pics of bike once delivered! - black color was all they offered
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