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CBR650R New CBR650R Failed Head Gasket.


May 30, 2014
Hampshire, England
Is there any "must be fit for purpose" sales laws like we have in the UK?

It can't be legal (or at least a target for a suit) to have a brand new warranty covered bit of equipment that doesn't work.



650 Alumnus
Feb 13, 2015
Woodbury, MN
Just providing a following up for the forum. It has been almost 4 months and no resolution in sight. I tried ordering the bolts from the USA, UK and Thailand. No luck. Dealer now tells me that Honda Corporate is advising the parts are back ordered till 2022.

I bought a brand new bike to only have it fail 2 weeks into ownership. I have tried complaining to the dealer with no luck. I have tried both customer service and customer relations at Honda Canada and got nothing but, we are sorry and we are dealing with ongoing global constraints. In Canada we only have a one year manufactures warranty. Riding season starts late April and by the time the repairs are done and I get the bike back I will have about a month of warranty left. I have asked to get extra year of warranty and compensation to which they flat out chuckled and said no. This is the last Honda I will ever purchase. I purchased back to back brand new bikes from them and we have purchased 4 cars from them in the past. Lost customer for life.
I’m re-thinking this whole thing a bit and unless there is a part of the story we don’t know or hasn’t been told, I’d start a discussion with Canada’s equivalent of the State Attorney Generals office, Better Business Bureau and consult with an attorney on your rights. you can’t buy an item, have a factory defect during the manufacturers warranty period and its simply not getting fixed without any resolution in sight. There is something not happening here and it’s unacceptable to expect you to simply sit waiting for bolts on an unrideable motorcycle for what’s going to be 6+ months.

You’ve either paid for, or are making payments on, something you can’t use.

I’m not sure what your recourse is in Canada, but I’d not accept what they are doing. Time to move onto the next level.


May 8, 2021
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Are the bolts damaged? The service manual for my bike says to clean the cylinder head 9mm washer-bolts in a solvent and dry them. Then apply molybdenum oil to the threads.
Honda says they must replace the bolts when the engine head is removed. The dealer told me that they are a one use part that must be replaced. Manufacturer service calls for all bolts be replaced with the head gasket when completing the warranty work.
E @eternalplayer do they have Lemon Laws in Canada? Here in the US they would have to buy it back.
Sadly, there are no lemon laws in Canada
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