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CB650R New CB650 R Naked 2022 Model with R&G parts


Feb 1, 2022
Western Australia
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The new 2022 model has a few modifications from the 2021 model, this has impacted the ability of the new bike to fit the R&G Tail Tidy as it needs to be modified before it will fit, however, many of the other parts like the Case covers and radiator protector all fit perfectly.

20220429_094635_resized.jpg With Tail Tidy and side covers.
20220429_094650_resized.jpg Radiator cover fitted, 2 fixings and neoprene spacers, a 10 minute job.
20220429_094641_resized.jpg RHS R&G case cover. Snug fit, a bit of a wrestling contest to get it on. 20 minutes.
20220429_094658_resized.jpg LHS R&G case cover. Easier than the RHS, again a snug fit 10 minutes.
20220429_094725_resized.jpg The R&G Tail Tidy, this did need welding being fitted with new brackets before it could be fitted.
20220429_094635_resized.jpg A new Stainless steel 4 in to 1 exhausts from China, alot lighter than the factory fitted part. slightly loader straight through without a cat converter.

Performs alot better with the new exhaust, lighter and better acceleration. off course also sounds mint.....


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Brian C.

Nov 26, 2021
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Damn! nice Bike! The Radiator guard looks great, I may have to get one! I already have the engine guards, if you think it was a wrestling job on yours, try it with a fairing in the way! ;-)
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