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CB650F My 650f is almost here!


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Hello everybody!

My name is pato (translates to duck) and I'm from Portugal.
I just bought a honda 650f from 2015. I don't have the bike yet because the dealer is still prepping the bike (normal checkup and oil changes and all).

Since the dealer is far away from where I live, I scheduled the pickup for February. This will be the longest January of my life :nailbiting:
I'll leave you with a photo of the bike that I took at the dealership


Since I don't have the bike until February, I'll take this opportunity to tell you about my journey in the motorcycle world.

I've always loved motorcycles ever since I can remember. I never had the opportunity of riding motorbikes when I was younger, but my father got me a bicycle and I used to ride that thing everywhere. Something about being on 2 wheels filled my heart with joy and happiness.

I decided that when I got old enough, I would get my license. In my country you need to be 16yo to drive a motorcycle up to 125cc, 18yo if you want to ride a 35kw bike (any cc) or 24yo if you want to ride any bike. I always loved the Honda Hornet. So I decided to wait until I was 24yo to get my full license (and so I did). When I finally got my license some of my motorcycle friends advised me not to buy the hornet and get a CB500 (better beginner bike in their perspective). Being a good friend and listening to the voice of experience I bought a CB500 from 2001 and rode it 15000km (9320miles) until I blew the engine. The engine blew essentially because of poor maintenance and a little bit of to much hard riding. I was devastated and for some reason I stopped riding, sold the CB500 (without the engine) and forgot about motorcycles for 2 years.

Well, 2 years later here I am. Ready for my new bike and overwhelmed with joy and excitement.
I hope you all liked my yellow monster and I'll be sure to update you when the bike comes home.

Peace out!
New York
Wise choice in purchase, a great score on your part! Provided YOU do your part with maintenance that 650 will deliver many km/miles and years of service...Honda quality! Welcome to Honda ownership yet again!