Local Ride - Mount Mee


Honorable Discharge
May 3, 2015
SEQ Australia
A local ride north of Brisbane is (the euphemistically named) Mt Mee.
a short ride, popular with riders and police alike, it has good undulation and low to mid speed corners.
Road surface is can be messy is places but the road is short enough to do a sighting run and not cut into your day.
The North end is 100km/h but judgement calls will be needed as this does exceed the corner speed in many cases. yes, you need to apply judgement rather than just unthinkingly enter corners.
The mid section from Mt Mee to the Pitstop is mostly 80 and a comfortable ride where the south end is through the wineries and into the back of Dayboro, so it's a bit easier for police to do a short trip into.

The Mt Mee lookout has a basic coffee trailer run by a local family.
I have yet to stop at the Pitstop Cafe.
I have stopped at Oceanview wineries and enjoyed their lunch on a few special occations and even pick up some wine, but it's price point is a bit higher than the pitstop.

I like the ride to just stretch the legs a bit and be with other riders on the road and it can lead to other riding if the day has enough hours left in it.



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