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All 650's Koso Coolant and Oil Temperature gauge Install Part 1


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Looking to Install Koso i-Gear Thermometer gauges on my 2014 CBR 650F. This is Part 1 of my install. Hope you guys enjoy it.

The gauges, I got are the I-Gear versions.

1 red in Fahrenheit for oil temperature.
1 blue in Celsius for coolant temperature.

I was unable to get the red gauge in Celsius. So I settled for Fahrenheit.

Originally, I tried to plug the coolant sensor into the radiator bleed bolt, but the blue Koso bolt was too long. So instead I had to order the Koso water house adapter Part# BG018B01

The coolant hose I will be cutting into is 20mm inner diameter. Koso does NOT make a 20mm hose adapter, I ended up ordering a 18mm and waiting any day for it to show up.

There are cheaper water house adapters that are 1/4 the price, and the correct 20mm size, but all of them use a 9mm hole for the sensor. Koso uses a 1/8 hole. So no luck trying to save money there :(

For the oil drain plug, it's M12 and the Koso part# BG241215.

The sensors for coolant and oil are identical, and does NOT come with washers. Lucky the drain bolt for oil for our motorcycle fits, and I had a bunch in my tool box. Before install the sensor, I wrapped Teflon tape (Plumper's tape) around the threads of the sensor.

That's it for now. I'm waiting for parts to show up. My next post will have more detail pictures of my install, and notes.

Wish me a trouble free install :)


Temperature-Sensors_2_4.jpg Temperature-Sensors_2_6.jpg


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Koso Coolant and Oil Temperature gauge Install Part 2

Thank you Brammers. I took your advice and trimmed the bolt. It saved me $70.00 from not buying the water house adapter.

Here we go for Part 2....

Got my friend to trim the bolt, but it was still too long. I didn't feel like going back to his place to trim it, so I used a washer. Also installed the o-ring from the original Honda bolt.


Here's the sensor, it's too long too????? I had added a washer too, with teflon tape.


Installing..... Do not torque too tight. The radiator is aluminum and the sensor is brass.




Now this MIGHT BE AN ISSUE. The sensor sticks out a lot, my fairing might have clearance issues. I have not test fitted the fairing yet.


Oil Drain bolt sensor, I didn't take many pictures of it. I did have to add a washer to the sensor to make it seat correctly.


Where to connect Power??

I have a Fuze Block hidden on the left nose of my motorcycle.



Added coolant and oil.

Ran the bike for an hour in the garage to burp the rad, also checked oil levels. No leaks found.

That's it for now. I have classes this weekend. Won't have time to touch my bike for a few more days..........
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