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CB650R How to improve play on the throttle handle


Jun 11, 2023
Finland, Vantaa
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So yeah, at least me and a buddy had a lot of play on throttle handle from factory and adjusting the wire didn't improve it too much.

Came up with this little 3D printed shim that you install on the ends of handlebar ends. Feels SO much better now.

Shared the bits from Tinkercad. The one with the sleeve to the throttle side, other on clutch side for looks..

Link to the 3D model: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/0i0dCtmfKnJ-cb650r-handlebar-shims

b13dbd00-332a-46d7-aeb9-04540558bbec.jpg 1700220230154.png

Before video (yes the spacer is there but the end is not tightened up yet):

After video, the end tightened up:


Jun 11, 2023
Finland, Vantaa
Riding Since
While sideways play can be fixed with shims at the end, the twisting play is another matter.. Yes I know there's a adjustment nut on the throttle wire but there is no real way to adjust the return cable, unless you mod it. No idea why Honda didn't give us double nuts on both cables under the fuel tank/air filter box.

Here is what I did, and the throttle handle has no twisting play at the beginning anymore.

Picture below: The lower is the cable that gets tensioned when you add throttle, the upper the "return" when you release the throttle, yet the cable has so much play so the throttle handle just dances around. (Had to check brand new bikes at dealer, even the -24 models have this "issue")

Red markers indicate two bots on the throttle side, Green one is the OEM (and only) nut you have on the return. I added the 10mm nut marked with Blue.
On the OEM setting, the Green nut is where the Blue now is.. and there is nothing on the Green spot.

Just disassembly the upper cable and take it off from the throttle body, there is no way you get a nut thru' the wire-end-lug so you need to angle grind a 1.5mm-ish piece off the nut so you can slip it thru the wire.

The thread of the cable end where the Green nut is prolly has its threads "squeezed" at the end so you have the re-create them.. It's easily done with the Green nut, just turn it to the end couple times with 8mm and 10mm wrenches. Do not let it slip off the treads completely thou, it can be bitch to get back threaded in.

Once you've opened the threads, you can roll the Green nut back the the "left" most position (last picture blow) and list slip the new nut thru the wire and thread it in.

After assembling the wire back, you can now adjust the return cable as well. Losen up the throttle cable from the throttle handle end, and tighten the return one at the throttle body end. When you have zero throttle there should be as little play on the wire as possible at the Yellow spot.

(Remember to turn your steering to full lock while adjusting cable play, same as adjusting the throttle side.. Cable gets more tight at the full lock).

1720203592060.png IMG_20240705_172222_HDR.jpg 1720202863889.png 1720203386698.png

If my explanation sucks, PM and ask away. 😅
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May 30, 2014
Hampshire, England
Do bear in mind that Honda specify a minimum level of freeplay due to the cable tightening up slightly on full right lock.

If you adjusted zero freeplay, then please check full steering lock with the engine running so you can be sure you'll not get unexpected results when out on the road.

** Public safety announcement ends **

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