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Oct 24, 2019
Hi can anyone tell me why the flag on members pictures have changed or is it me 🤪🧐


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Mar 8, 2015
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Hey Robbymag @Robbymag

The script determines the nearest "neighborhood" of your IP when you visit the site, and displays that flag.
The problem is all kinds of things can (and do) mess with your IP, like:
  • Travelling on your cell phone.
  • Using different Wi-Fi networks.
  • Using VPNs.
  • On and on...
Any/all of those things can mess with the your IP & the flag you end up with.

As an FYI: script uses the MaxMind IP database. MaxMind updated their terms to no longer allow shared keys.

The result is things like this script would need every single person that uses it (like us) to register & code in their own personal MaxMind key. This isn't feasible.

Good news: anyone with an existing installation (like us) can continue to use it.
Bad news: no new installations will work due to the above.

The coder says he will "eventually" update it to prevent it from breaking, but has no ETA. All we can do is cross our fingers & hope it doesn't break :)
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