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Jul 5, 2019
7000' ASL, USA
I finally got around to the top cabinets for my freestanding workstation. I was going to build something from scratch, but the cost for furniture grade plywood is way too high for garage cabinets. Instead, I picked up a pair of refrigerator top cabinets from Ikea for about $90 each, and cut them to depth. The laminated mdf means spills will clean up easy, and they have overhead lift hinges with a soft close.

First job was to sand, prime, and paint them. 3 coats of black enamel followed by 3 coats of clear to match my black tool chests:

One is 24" deep, the other I cut down to only 12" deep to allow space for my tire changer to sit on the shelf space behind it. I mounted aluminum angle to the doors to make a handle, and it helps match the look of the tool chests:


I'm happy with it, and think it turned out really well.
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